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Becoming profitable through Google Ads should not be challenging. We’re here to help you to maximize your Ad budget without breaking the bank. Book a call to get your customized plan – no strings attached.

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What’s the MAGIS program?

To help you get to become profitable on Google Ads, we have crafted a special program who would like to get expert guidance and feedback for their business without having to hire a full-time agency. Get assured result and minimize the need to experiment with the MAGIS program.

On-demand Google Ads Specialist Access

On-demand Google Ads Specialist Access

Talk to an Google Ads Specialist whenever you have a question or need guidance.

Timely Advice from Google Ads Specialist

Timely Advice from Google Ads Specialist

Save Time. Save Resources. Say Good-Bye to hours of research to find the answer to your questions, asking for help in FREE forums with zero helpful answers, or flooding your inbox with pitches.

Actionable Insights from Google Ads Specialist

Actionable Insights

Get Actionable Insights from your Trusted Google Ads Expert who understands your business and gives you advice that will produce results.

Want to learn more without making a commitment just yet?

No problem. Schedule a 30 minutes discovery call absolutely free, no strings attached.

Success Stories

Don’t leave your Google Ads to chance. Don’t do trial and error. Work with an expert you can trust and has your back. Here are some of the brands we’ve worked with who have gotten phenomenal resuluts.

“Super helpful. Understands the complexities of Google Ads & Analytics ecosystems. Prompt. Responsive & Knowledgeable. Recommend highly”


-David Troy, CEO 410Labs

If you’re looking to do anything with Google Ads, Sajid is your Ninja Master. Knows his stuff. Definitely recommend him.”

-Sonny Carter

“Game Changer. Over-delivered. Tremendous opportunity to be able to work with Sajid. Every interaction has been absolutely remarkable.:

-Jenn Roth, Founder Birds & Bees

How does the program work?

We learn about your business and then we co-create strategies with you. Stay on track and monitor your progress in a weekly check-in with Sajid, our residence Google Ads expert. The program is perfect for businesses spending a minimum of $5,000 on Google Ads per month.

Who is this program for?

This program is for you if you …

  • want to manage your own Google Ads and seeking expert guidance
  • are getting frustrated with conflicting information on the internet
  • spend $5,000 – $15,000 on Google Ads but not getting the results
  • don’t have time to do trial and error
  • are unable to make profit from Google Ads

Still got questions in mind?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MAGIS Program?

This is a program where we help you get the most out of your Ad Spent budget. Save time and reduce confusion. Know what you need to do with a tailor-fit Google Ad marketing plan, made specially for your business. Get direct access to an expert for any questions you might have. We also have weekly checkpoints to help you stay on track.

Who is this program for?

This program is for business owners who spend $5,000 – $15,000 on Google Ads but are not seeing results. It’s for people who have started to dip their toes in Google Ads but feel lost. It’s also for people who want to execute it on their own but need guidance.

How can this program help my business?

We’ll get your brand at the top of the search results and keep it there! Learn about the different strategies you can leverage. On top of that, join a community of like-minded individuals to learn from each other.

How does the MAGIS program work?

This program starts with a discovery call so we could get to know you and your business better. From there, we co-create a Google Ads strategy for the next quarter (or year?) that you or your team can execute. It doesn’t end there. We’ll have weekly one-hour check-ins to keep you on the right track.

How much does it cost?

Check out our program packages here.

How do I join?

Book a call here and we’ll take it from there.

How personalized is the MAGIS program?

This program is tailor-fit for your business. No two marketing plans are the same because we try to understand the nitty gritties of your business so we can effectively strategize how to make your business more profitable.

I'm from a different timezone. Which Global Cities does the program cater to?

If you are (insert region or countries for GMT +/-5: California to Turkey), then this is the program for you.

Can I cancel anytime if the program is not a good fit for me?

Absolutely, this is a monthly plan with no long-term commitments. It is on us to make sure you are profitable with your Google Ads.

I would like to learn more. Who can I contact?

Book a free discovery call here and we’ll take it from there.

Free Google Ads Resources

If you’re just getting started or if your monthly ad spend is between $0-$1000, you can take advantage of our free training and join our facebook group.