About Us

About Market and Grow:

 Market & Grow is a boutique marketing firm which specializes in Analytics, Google Advertisements, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), and Content Marketing. We offer both consulting services, where we advise your company on what to do and also strategy implementation, where we develop curated solutions and campaigns. As a small business ourselves, we understand the personalization and time that it takes to create campaigns that suit your business’ needs. 

At Market and Grow, we value transparency, innovation, and measurable outcomes. We work diligently behind the scenes to do our research, understand the market, and evaluate numerous growth strategies so that we can find the optimal strategic fit for your company. We practice both conscious, thoughtful work while at the same time promoting efficient deliverables that drive tangible results. We are transparent, investing in long term marketing solutions rather than the next fad; at the same time, we are open to new ideas and always looking out for innovative strategies that help to widen your brand’s reach.

One thing we seek out when deciding to engage with a client is a good product. We are a loyal cheerleader for our clients while simultaneously offering curated strategies and advice that deliver measurable results. Having a founder who has been through the tireless process of finding a marketing company that actually delivers on its promises, we are certain that we have what it takes to take our clients to the next level. 



Sajid’s self-made entrepreneurial skills were cultivated from humble beginnings. He immigrated from Bangladesh to the United States where he attended college as a student at American University, graduating in 1999 with a B.S. in Computer Science. While balancing a full academic course load, Sajid worked full-time to put himself through school. As part of these efforts, Sajid started his own computer repair company. He also began an entrepreneurial enterprise selling DVDs on eBay; it was through these business ventures that he cultivated his initial love of the digital world. 

After college, Sajid obtained a full-ride scholarship to pursue a Master’s degree in Computer Science at American University. Whilst in the middle of his program, he began to work in technology and software development with companies in Silicon Valley. There, he pursued his passion of working with people, technology, and the digital space to the fullest extent, holding positions such as Solutions Consultant and Global Support Product Manager at software companies that were bought out by HP. In 2003, Sajid completed his master’s degree. 

Desiring the fast-paced, exciting work culture he found with HP, Sajid became the Chief Technology Officer for a startup company called Crowders, a platform that organized virtual meetings for crowdfunding connoisseurs, investors, and funding platforms. While he enjoyed the work with people and the small company culture, Sajid needed a change. In 2013, he ventured across the world to Bangladesh, where he was able to weld his passions for bringing people, startups, and shared spaces all in one when he launched Shetu, a shared coworking space for startups and like-minded entrepreneurs.

 It was through this endeavor that Sajid discovered the importance of marketing. In Bangladesh, people didn’t understand the concept of co-working spaces. To help educate consumers, Sajid employed big industry marketing names that were all talk, charging an astronomical fee and producing mediocre results. It was through this experience that Sajid realized that many small businesses and startups encountered similar struggles: wasting valuable resources on marketing that failed to deliver. In response, Sajid started creating his own campaigns. Through this, he discovered his passion for helping small entities drive growth and promote sales through marketing. In 2017, Sajid started his own company called Market & Grow, a boutique marketing firm.