Google Analytics Conversion Tracking: What it is and Why use it

by Mar 1, 2022Blog

If you aren’t yet tracking conversions on Google Analytics, you are missing out on key pieces of data that can shape your marketing strategy and spot new revenue-boosting opportunities or cost-cutting measures.

What is Google Analytics conversion tracking?

A conversion is any action that you want your target audience to complete. It allows you to see what happens after a customer has an initial interaction with your ad. Common conversion actions include:

    • Purchase a product
    • Sign up for the newsletter
    • Start a free trial
Why use conversion tracking?

It enables you to know and understand how your website is performing in relation to the reasons why you set them up. You won’t be able to understand how your campaigns actually resulted in the actions you were hoping for unless you use conversion tracking. You’ll be able to:

    • See the customer journey before they convert
    • Understand which keywords, ads, and campaigns are the best at driving conversions
    • Understand your ROI to make decisions before you start a campaign

Here’s how to get started.

Log into your Google Analytics account and click the “Admin” button on the bottom left-hand sidebar. Look on the far right for the Goals section to select a new Goal to create. There are pre-configured “templates” that can track Revenue, Acquisition, Inquiry, and Engagement. If that does not fit your needs, you should create your own custom goal.

Pro Tip:
Once your goals are created, you’ll be able to see how they are performing over the past seven days in the Goals overview. Remember that they are forward-looking, so you’ll only be able to see conversions after the goal creation date.

That’s it!

Are you looking for help on how to create Google Analytics and use conversion tracking? Confused about what you should choose for your best goal? Book a discovery call with us today.