Facebook Marketing: Proven Expert Secrets

by Mar 18, 2021Blog

Social Media Marketing has always been a rollercoaster due to trend changes or algorithm changes. Nothing is what it used to be 5 years ago, 2 years ago, or even 6 months ago.  Luckily, we have premium access to training and workshops delivered by Leadpages’ educational platform “Converted”. The latest series of educational materials covered Facebook Marketing and were delivered by Leadpages’ Sales Marketing Manager, Bob, and guest speaker, Craig Cannings. 

Are you wondering if Facebook is still worth your time and resources for your business? The statistics are hard to ignore – with 1.63 billion user visits monthly, Facebook is still growing despite the popularity of Instagram and TikTok. We have summarised important and updated tactics on acing your Facebook Marketing and improving your brand’s online presence. 

The latest insight that we learnt for Facebook Marketing was following a 5 stage system, which can easily be adjusted and implemented for other platforms. It includes purpose, presence, posting, participation, and promotion.

Purpose is self-explanatory. What is the gain plan/intent from using Facebook? To answer this question, you need to conduct a Facebook audit and determine what works well and what doesn’t. Based on that audit, you need to build an action plan – to profile your audience, define goals and metrics, build a funnel, and determine actions. In the end, you will have your purpose and a plan, and don’t forget to “plan your work and work your plan.”

Presence is all about your visual appearance. Having branded profile and cover image, a relevant username and page name, suitable templates and tabs, compelling page description, correct business information, and a relevant Call to Action button. Additionally, operating from a Facebook group should connect you more with your audience and create more meaningful conversations. Presence should ideally be the first thing covered about your business and its Facebook account/page.

Posting is advised to follow a 5:1 ratio – 5 informational posts followed by 1 promotional post, aiming to create content that ignites meaningful interaction. You can take advantage of link posts, native videos, lives, and stories. FYI, Facebook lives get 3x more engagement than native videos and 5x more engagement than images. So, what are you waiting for?

Participation is essential, and you have to be super responsive and supportive. For group engagement, you could implement thematic discussion points, group collaborations, challenges, and giveaways for your loyal customers, regular live events, and lead magnet distributions. It can also be useful if you post personalized welcome posts and spotlight posts. To get involved in other competitor groups, we suggest you join 2 or 3, instead of many, and pay extra attention to those. You can join other conversations and connect with potential clients or partners. It is very, very important to never connect with people and start with a sales pitch. Your goal is to build relationships and get people aware of what you do. Here is an interesting tactic – whenever you start a conversation, ask people what they do. The usual response will include “And what about you, what do you do?” so it gives you the perfect opportunity to talk about your business.

Promotion, last but not least, is another step of the 5 stage system. You would want this to be planned out ahead of time. Plan your monthly marketing campaigns and promotions, as well as the metrics you are going to measure – website traffic, new email leads, new sales, revenue, or else. 

Did you know about this 5 stage system of implementing Facebook strategies? We are going to start implementing it, and we suggest you do too!