Google Launches Promotion Ads for Hotels

by Mar 30, 2021Blog

Google has launched property promotion ads for hotels globally to capture users who are looking for a hotel but don’t know which one to book yet. This update has been covered in Episode 49 of the #TWIMshow – if you’ve missed it, make sure to subscribe to the newsletter below to be the first to receive all important marketing news and updates.

In Google’s announcement, Product Manager Peter Fernandez added that these promotion ads are “… designed to enable advertisers to influence the buying decision for users still looking for a hotel. They allow partners to show their pricing and availability right at the top of the first search results page, appearing prominently in search results for geographical locations. They also appear in Google Maps, and we’re continually experimenting with their placements on other Google surfaces as well.” Before this update allows advertisers to participate in property promotion ads directly through the Google Ads interface, while before, they could only do it through a whitelist. There are also hotel booking link ads, which are very similar; however, they are meant for advertisers to acquire a client who has already chosen their hotel, while property promotion ads aim to influence a client to book with the given hotel. 

Here is an example of how promotion ads will be displayed.