Instagram Progress Update Week Of 1/10

by Jan 17, 2021Blog

This past week, we reached made a HUMONGOUS jump in followers and engagement! Hooray! Not only did we break the 100 followers milestone, we are now at 141 followers! It’s been such an amazing journey from seeing us with just 5 followers almost exactly a month ago. Now that we have crossed the 100 follower mark, we can now see follower breakdown insights. Here I can see a day-by-day breakdown of our growth in terms of followers and we can see how many people unfollowed us too. We can also see the top locations of people viewing our posts, with the top 3 locations being Houston, Brisbane, and New York. We can also see gender demographics, and it seems that 53.9% of our viewers are women and 46.1% are men. Here comes the fun part: most active times. That’s right. We can now see at what specific time each day of the week that most of my followers are active, and it seems that between 9 am – 12 pm are the biggest hotspots.

Let’s go through some of the numbers for this week. For accounts reached, it was a increase of 38.2%. For content interactions, which was a slight decrease last week, we have hit an increased 54.8% ! (This was the one category I was trying to really improve on). For total followers, it was a big increase of +62%. In terms of likes, I have been seeing upwards of 30+ likes on my 2-3 recent posts! Hopefully that trend continues!

In terms of new content and strategies, I did implement a couple new things this week. I took advantage of the “Guides” feature, that will allow others to see a certain topic of posts in a scroll style. That way, my audience does not need to keep scrolling through to find the content that they want. I also started implementing hashtags in IG stories, and I found a neat way to hide them behind graphics, so that people can still find them, but they won’t be visible to the naked eye. We will also be pushing out content for IG Reels as soon as this week that will replace some of our general posts and our Monday highlights video. I have so many different ideas for IG reels and it’s going to be exciting to put my ideas to live video!

I’ve also done a much better job with how my engagement process works throughout the day. I’ve devised a strategy that interacts with both current and potential followers. First, I go through the stories of the people that I follow, answering poll questions or sending emoji reactions. Then, I go through the regular posts of the people I follow, liking, commenting, and sharing. Finally, I go through the “similar accounts” feed, and I engage in the new profiles that I’ve never seen before! I believe this to be the number reason that we have gained so many followers.

As people have said, consistency is key! Hard work will reap great results, so I just have to keep pushing quality content out and find my own niche!