Instagram Progress Update Week Of 1/3

by Jan 12, 2021Blog

This past week, we reached 85+ followers on our page. Currently, we are so close to the 100 followers milestone. When we reach 100 followers, then we can start gaining the ability to see the “follower breakdown” feature. This will allow us to gather information on the demographics of our audience and followers. It will also give us the ability to see when our followers are the most active, which is a big metric when trying to reach new levels of engagement! We are still trying to figure out Instagram’s new algorithm, but basically the levels are divided in priorities (from top to bottom) of comments, saves, shares, and then likes.

In terms of numbers, accounts reached was at a +8.4% increase, content interactions was at +8.6% increase, and total followers was at a +42.3% increase. After a few weeks where are percentages were fluctuating like crazy, it is now starting to normalize. This is expected to happen, and it is still a positive that all three stats are still increasing, even if it is a slow one.

Now, instead of just posting with new accounts that I haven’t contacted before, I am trying my best to get through all the content and stories that the people I am following are posting. Some ways I do this is by answering poll questions, giving insight, voting, commenting, and even DM reactions. This has led me to form some starting relationships with a few accounts that post very great content! Switching to an iPad to do all my Instagram work has led me to being able to stay engaging for longer periods of time as well. One feature that I am really trying to implement this next week is IG reels that will replace our Monday TWIMshow highlights post. More details on this to come as we experiment with this feature more and more. In terms of hashtags, I have discovered that adding location stickers and hashtags to stories can lead to higher engagement! IG stories lets you add 10 hashtags to a story post, and it can be easily hidden behind pictures or other elements.

With this in mind, I’m excited about how these next few weeks will shape out for our IG channel. Soon, we will hit 100 followers and after than 200, then 300, and so on… However, the end goal is to reach some sort of business (income) from Instagram!