Instagram Progress Update Week Of 12/14

by Dec 22, 2020Blog

This new weekly blog will be all about my progress on marketANDgrow’s Instagram growth week by week.

As a fairly new intern at this company, one of my main priorities was to be responsible for the social media channels, specifically for Instagram. Thus, this past week was my first time implementing ideas and strategies that could bolster the growth of our Instagram account organically.

Although progress has been very slow, I can see a slight change when I take a look at our Instagram analytics for the past week.

This image shows the growth of our Instagram account

This small change is very encouraging, as it shows that my strategy may be on the right track. This strategy includes posting 5 days a week, posting stories every day, and making sure to engage with similar accounts in liking, commenting, and reposting. In order to better organize my strategy, I made sure to include each day’s posting plan on a Google Calendar so that I have an overview of the posts I need to curate. As the weeks go along, the plan will definitely change as there will be times of improvement in various areas of how I can get more engagement on IG.

Consistency is key, and it may be hard along the way, in that some weeks, there might not be much growth at all, but by posting each day and sticking to my plan, I’m looking forward to the end result.

Merry Christmas and I hope you have a blessed New Year! – Jeffrey Hsu