Instagram Progress Update Week Of 12/21

by Dec 31, 2020Blog

This week, our account saw a big jump in followers. Although the percentage in accounts reached and content interactions was not as high as last week, that is ok as we are aiming for a small growth each week.

Designing posts can take a long time sometimes in Canva. Although I have a general idea of the color scheme of each post, I have to make it appealing. One of the main things I do to hook in the audience is to make most of my posts something that you need to scroll through in order to see the full content. I add arrows in the first page of the post in order to call the audience to participate in the scroller post.

Another method I have found to be very helpful is to engage with similar accounts immediately right after I post for 10-15 minutes. Apparently, when you engage right after you post, people tend to revert the same love on your recent post. When people are engaging on your recent post, Instagram notices this and pushes your post to new people. This is how your post can make it to the explore page. Whereas, if you engage after hours of posting, Instagram misses your post to push and your reach will not be as far!

For this upcoming week, I will start implementing two strategies. I will start mixing up my hashtags depending on the post. For example, if the post is on Facebook, then I will use a group of hashtags related to Facebook. The reason for this is that Instagram will see that you are spamming the same hashtags over and over again, and they will not push your content out as much! The second strategy is that I will start implementing Reels as a style of a post to mix up my content. Instagram loves it when you use the Reels feature, so I plan on creating an “update-like” reel.

Have an awesome New Years! – Jeffrey Hsu