Instagram Progress Update Week Of 12/28

by Jan 7, 2021Blog

We’ve officially reached 60+ followers on our page. After last week’s huge jump, this week we did not gain too many new followers after following the same pattern as previous weeks. This is due to Instagram’s new algorithm, which promotes more video content and posts that viewers have engaged with before.

In terms of numbers, accounts reached was at +82.7% increase, content interactions was at -12.1% decrease, and total followers was at a +143.4% increase. I found that the scroll stoppers or carousel post type technique really helps in driving engagement, as people will want to keep finding out more about the post, and the only way to read the whole post is to keep swiping left till the end.

I have followed the similar technique of engaging 15 minutes before and after posting stories/feed in order to increase the reach of my posts. This has helped in receiving extra followers and likes. I have also re-vamped my hashtag strategy. Instead of re-using the same hashtags for each post, I have separated hashtag groups into the type of category the post is about. I have one for Google, Instagram, TWIMshow, etc. This is so the Instagram algorithm will know that your posts are not spam and you are not trying to post the same thing over and over again. Again, consistency is key, and although some weeks will be slow, the overall growth has been a great feeling from just under 5 follower less than a month ago. IG reels is another big thing, and I will need to start incorporating that within the next week.

Another minor detail is that I’m having a tough time working and engaging on my phone when it comes to Instagram. Something about a small screen just doesn’t work for my eyes. With this in mind, I will start doing all my IG activity primarily on my iPad, and just check for quick notifications on my phone.