Sep’20 Google Search Ads Result for a SaaS Client

by Oct 8, 2020Blog

The myth out there is that Google Search Ads are expensive or does not work. I want to take this opportunity to celebrate the result we are achieving month over month since Jan’20 for a SaaS Client.

During Sep’20 we spent $21,252 in Google Search Ads for this SaaS Client.

SaaS Client / Google Search Ads Result (Sep’20)

We had overall 20% conversion rate for Sep ’20. i.e people who have signed up for a free 30-day trial.

YTD conversion is at 22.73%

SaaS Client / Google Search Ads Result (Jan-Sep’20)

Cost per conversion is now at $2.31

This is the same client who had a 6.99% last Dec.

The lesson here is that do not rely on just one channel or campaign.

Always test newer channels & strategies.

Find ways to validate or invalidate your assumptions through experiments. Then tweak and optimize.