Syncing WooCommerce to Google Merchant Center

by Mar 8, 2022Blog

WooCommerce simplifies the process of developing and administering an eCommerce website by converting your website into an operation eCommerce store, with critical capabilities such as agility and payment processing. In this article, we will delve into how you, as a WooCommerce Shop Owner, can advertise your products on Google Merchant Center (GMC) to expand your business.

GMC is one of the largest marketplace used to attract more customers, which can directly improve sales for WooCommerce Shop Owners. GMC informs Google about your product in the market and allows Google to create an ad and determine which customers are most suited for the product. The products, along with photographs and prices, are visible on Search, Shopping, Image Search, and YouTube.

Why use it?

With the new plugin Product Feed Manager For WooCommerce, shop owners can auto-sync their WooCommerce Product feed to GMC, without having to manually upload anything. The plugin fetches the data of your product feed according to the schedule that you decide on when you want your updated product feed to be collected, all without having to leave the WooCommerce dashboard.

Syncing to GMC is beneficial to your marketing campaign because:

    • GMC includes an image, so users can better understand what your product is, which optimizes ROI
    • The listing includes a price, so most clicks will indicate that they are willing to pay at that price point and more likely to convert
    • The products have increased visibility on the Search Engine Results Page

Wrapping Up

If you want to grow your business, then take advantage of Google’s suite of services to find customers interested in your products. If you have any questions on how to integrate your WooCommerce store with GMC, then book a discovery call with us and learn how we can guide you through the process.