5 Google Ads Features You May Be Overlooking

by Apr 6, 2021Blog

Did you know that you can get listed on Google Shopping (GS) for free?. While GS is still primarily a paid PPC channel, you can enjoy the free traffic it brings. After Google introduced the shopping channel, they ousted most of the other price comparison websites from its Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Because of that, the European Commission fined Google approximately $3 billion in 2017 for breaching EU rules by giving “an illegal advantage to another Google product, its comparison shopping service.” While this is still going through appeal, Google has decided to make the necessary changes and ensured that other options are also available on its services and SERP.

Did you know that you can get impressions on Display and YouTube ads while only paying for sales? While video and display formats are not the best for online acquisition, they are highly popular for brand awareness and influence targets. But Google is now trying to convince us otherwise. Google knows everything about its users from their search queries and the media they consume. Because of these data points, the algorithm can identify which user would be interested in a given product, and it will only show them the relevant ads when they are ready to buy. In most cases, Google will know that a user wants to buy before they even realize it themselves. That will lead to a higher conversion rate and Google receiving a higher revenue per page by only showing converting ads.

Have you tried out “new customer acquisition” campaign? When it comes to acquisition, a new customer’s purchase is more valuable than one from an existing customer. Once you know how much revenue to expect from a user in the long run, you can adapt the amount you are willing to invest for a new customer VS a returning one. You can now take the lifetime value into account in Google Shopping. In the settings of your Smart Shopping campaign, use the “New Customer Acquisition” option. From there, you can indicate the price per conversion for a new customer VS a returning one. For example, if your CPA for a conversion is $40 and you set a new customer value to $30, the campaign will pay up to $80 for new customers and $40 for the existing ones. 

Are you tracking offline conversions? It is easy to forget that online shopping is not all there is, and offline conversions are not always tracked and taken into account. 30% of mobile queries are local searches, and 75% of users go to a store within 24 hours of their search, according to Google. The new version of Google Ads’ local campaigns uses GPS and Wifi to identify user locations so that ads can be displayed according to the business advertising presence around the user’s location. You will be able to measure different types of conversions, including offline, by setting up an omnichannel tracking that integrates offline elements. 

Leverage the power of Gallery Ads. You can push gallery ads over all networks since 85% of respondents are more focused on visual information rather than text. A minimum of 50% prefers visual information in all categories, except electronics, household goods, and wine and spirits. Google also offers a new ad format for Gallery Ads, integrated into the Search Network. Since these ad formats are aimed for mobile displays only, their dimensions enable advertisers to make a more powerful impact than traditional text ads. 

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