Utilizing Google Ads Promotion Extensions

by Apr 14, 2021Blog, Most Popular

Promotion extensions refer to an added text that highlights your sales and promotions, which aims to get the attention of your potential customers. Extensions can be utilized for special sale event promotions, but they are highly underestimated when advertising. Here is an example:

When a big promotion is planned, many advertisers will simply update the ad’s headline and/or copy. At the same time, promotion extensions can bring value and have certain advantages that updating your ad cannot bring. Some of their benefits include the ability to edit without losing data, easily update it, and schedule it flexibly. 

Adding a promotion extension will add a little bit more visuality to your ad, and anything that gives you more real estate on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) is great. Moreover, promotion extensions lead directly to your sales landing page, and they bring a higher CTR and Conversion rate for businesses. 

Here are some tips to follow to get your promotion extensions right and utilize them fully.

  1. Your promotion extension copy should correspond with the copy of the landing page it leads to. You are not allowed to promote products, services, or offers in the ad IF they are not easily found on your landing page – Google simply won’t approve your ad. 
  2. Unless you plan to run your offer indefinitely, it is good to set start and end dates. This is particularly useful when you want to run a last-minute offer that expires on the weekend, and you will be able to create the extension for only the given period of time.
  3. Other than promotion extensions, use different ways to promote your ad, such as site links and callouts – that will push you in the results pages. Callouts like “Huge Discounts” or “70% off” will be beneficial when promoting any of your offers, as long as they don’t appear all at the same time. 
  4. Don’t rely on promotional extensions only – add a sense of urgency with a traditional countdown timer and get conversions quicker as people would not want to miss out on an offer that expires soon.

Following these simple tips will provide a good base for you to run and promote your offer. However, don’t stop there! Combine your promotion extensions with other available features, such as compelling headline and body copy, to fully maximize your promotional efforts.

There are some Google requirements that you need to be mindful of when using promotion extensions. For example, the text in the promo code field should be a promo – it cannot be a product description, a phone number, or promotional statements.

Other related Google Ads policies that are relevant to promotion extensions include the following:

  1. There is a standard requirement for clarity, correct spelling, and use of capitalization and symbols.
  2. There should be a proper use of trademarks in the ad text, assets, and business information, to avoid trademark owner complaints and ad removal.
  3. Products/services should be clearly priced, easily found on the website, and matching with titles and descriptions.
  4. Ads and the link to a destination should be written in a supported language.

Have you ever used any promotion extensions, and if yes, did you find it challenging to set them up? Get in touch with us, and let’s discuss your results.