Virtual Makeup… Re-Imagined 💄

by Dec 24, 2020Blog

Last week, Google announced that it will start testing an augmented reality (AR) version of makeup within Google Shopping. With AR set to make a huge leap in 2021, Google wanted to get a head start in seeing what the benefits of this technology can be. Full information about this new feature can be found here.

This specific “try-on” tool will allow customers to virtually put on make-up products, so that they will be able to see how they look with it on without actually having the physical product. Various brands, such as L’Oreal, MAC Cosmetics, Black Opal, Charlotte Tilbury, and many others can list their shades and colors of make-up for potential customers to compare their favorites. The technology behind this feature may seem extremely complex, but for the customers, the UI is actually very simple. All the customer needs to do is to tap “try it on”, and make-up will appear on your face!

Model experimenting with various shades of lipstick through google AR shopping

A person trying on different shades of lipstick through Google’s AR shopping feature.

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Although other Google-owned apps such as YouTube already provide AR features, this does prove a big advantage to Google as a whole, as many people do their shopping directly on Google through search results and external links. In addition to the AR feature, there will now be a Discover feed that will show customers the hottest recommendations from beauty experts who give actual reviews on the numerous products listed in Google Shopping. With this in mind, not only can customers virtually try-on make-up products, they can also be reassured of any potential purchases through the endorsements from the beauty professionals. 

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