Who Do We Choose to Work With?

by Jul 12, 2022Blog

When people reach out to us and ask for our services, we have a process that we use to determine if our business will be the right fit for them. Here are the qualities we look for in a culture check for our potential clients:  

1. Value alignment

We choose to only work with companies that have products that align with our personal values. For instance, marketANDgrow will not take on any clients who fall under Google’s Prohibited or Harmful products category because we don’t believe those products, so we would not be beneficial to a tobacco business. 

2. Culture of transparency 

One of our core values is transparency, and if one of your values is not transparency, we will not be the right fit. If you are closely guarding information and compartmentalizing then that is not the client for us. 

3. Belief 

We will not promote a product or service we don’t believe is truly needed. 

4. Good reviews 

The people who buy your product must like the product. For example, we may believe in general that Japanese food is great. However, if one restaurant’s Japanese food has bad reviews for the quality or because they’re always giving people food poisoning, then that is not someone we would want to work with. 

5. Marketing is a long game

The business should not believe that marketing is a one-time transactional event, but instead a long-term investment. It requires taking the time to see the gains. It’s like a garden that takes time to cultivate and nourish to bring fruit for years to come. 

6. Decisive 

We work with business owners who don’t sit on the fence and agonize over simple decisions. We have had problems before with clients who have missed vital opportunities because they sat on a decision for too long and it passed.

7. Is okay with experimentations

We also don’t work with people who are stuck in their old ways. Marketing, especially in this day in age, is all about experimenting a lot. You need to be comfortable with taking calculated but bold risks.

8. Long-term mindset

There is no silver bullet that will fix all your problems. In life, little actions build up to great returns. Marketing is the same way. You can’t come in with the mindset that one campaign will fix all your problems with magic overnight. 

9. Product-market fit 

If you haven’t tested your product-market fit then we will not work with you because we can’t help you as much as we could have. Our sweet spot is demand capture, if you’re already making some money and need help getting your product out there, that is where we can help you.