AI-Powered Marketing Internship




Are you a senior student soon to graduate or a recent graduate eager to dive into the revolutionary world of generative AI and marketing? Want to shape a startup’s future while learning from a seasoned founder with multiple successful exits under his belt? Are you looking to build a strong portfolio and case study to stand out in the marketplace? We have an exciting opportunity for an energetic and easygoing Marketing Intern to join our team!

Our founder isn’t just an entrepreneur; he’s a serial entrepreneur who has started, grown, and exited businesses. In this role, you’ll work directly with our founder and learn from someone with a proven track record of success in the entrepreneurial landscape.

This isn’t your average coffee-fetching internship; you’ll play a vital role in our organization. You’ll get hands-on experience with cutting-edge AI technology like MidJourney and ChatGPT to create, post, and promote our products and services across various channels. This is your chance to leverage the power of AI to make a real impact on a growing business.


  • You are a senior, soon to graduate, or a recent graduate who is hungry to leverage the power of generative AI in marketing
  • You are someone who wants to build a strong portfolio and case study to stand out in the marketplace
  • You are someone who can take feedback without taking it personally 
  • You are not a lone wolf and ask for support when needed
  • You feel comfortable taking ownership of what you’re working on
  • You are someone who can self-manage and commit to a remote internship for at least 20 hours per week for 16 weeks. 
  • This is not a good fit if you have a full course load this semester
  • This is not a good fit if you are unable to work independently


While your day-to-day tasks will vary, this is what your typical week may look like:

  • Conduct research and write blog articles
  • Creating engaging marketing content powered by generative AI
  • Engage on social media to help build our online presence
  • Create and send the email newsletter to our email subscriber


  • Preferably in pursuit of a degree in Business, Communications, English, Marketing, Journalism, Professional Writing, Public Relations, or other related field.
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Very independent, with initiative, and with little need for supervision
  • You find a workaround to your obstacles
  • You bring good vibes, enthusiasm & pleasing personality to work
  • You’re comfortable learning and mastering new (AI) tools


  • We are a fully remote company
  • We are a startup and you’ll work directly with our founder
  • We are inclusive and open to diversity of thought, appearance, who you love, and the gender you self-identify
  • We believe in disagreeing and committing
  • We like to execute fast


  • Work experience with search engine marketing & content marketing (Link building, On-page optimization, and Keyword research)
  • Using generative AI to create Marketing content
  • Executing inbound marketing strategies 
  • Learn the processes, day to day activities, and how to be successful as a Marketing Generalist
  • Analyzing numbers and utilizing those numbers to make decision
  • Exposure to digital advertising and marketing automation projects