Our Team

Alexandra Dizon, Operations Ninja

Alex is a Certified Professional Scrum Master, graduated in 2018 with a degree in Business Administration from the University of Philippines Diliman, and has also completed the Startup Management Program from the Asian Institute of Management. She has experience working as a Product Manager at Union Bank in the Philippines.

At Market & Grow, Alex serves as the Operations Ninja. Her duties include running the daily huddles, ideating new initiatives, recruiting talents, and removing roadblocks. When not working, Alex likes to jog, shopping for plants in Sunday markets and pottery.




Leah Ocampo, Battle Support

Leigh Ocampo graduated in 2011 with a degree in Animation Technology and Information Technology from Imus Computer College in the Philippines. From 2011 to 2020, she served as an Autocad Operator for Fujisash Co. and TOYO Construction Co. in which she utilized software to create technical designs. Leah also has a passion for graphic design and has extensive experience in this area.

On the Market & Grow Team, Leah serves as a general assistant to Sajid and the team. Her duties include organizing documents for monitoring, building work schedules, analyzing social media account analytics, and creating digital graphics. Outside of work, Leigh can be found cooking or spending time with her dogs.


Angel Wolf, Graphics General

After graduating magna cum laude from Villanova University and working for a year as a Marketing Coordinator, Angel decided to leave her previous position and move to Mexico to earn her master’s degree in International Business.

At Market & Grow, Angel has been a part of the team since October, starting as a Marketing Intern and eventually transitioning into the role of Graphic Designer. Her marketing prowess combined with her creative eye has been invaluable to Market & Grow and helps them to achieve success each day. When she’s not designing lead magnets or graphics for Market & Grow, you can find her exploring the streets of Mexico, creating content for her travel channel, or munching on some delicious street churros!