If it hasn’t become clear yet, digital marketing provides more tools and information than any form of marketing to date and we have barely just broken the surface. Of the vast quantity and variety of tools available is the ability to retarget digital ads.

There is a range of types of retargeting, but at its most essential function, the purpose of retargeting is to continuously refresh brand awareness for a user who at one point indicated interest in your brand.

The ultimate goal of this practice is turning this heightened awareness into actual customer conversion. Want a measure of how successful the practice is? Well, for the average display ad, .07% of people who see it will click through. The average for a retargeted display ad is ten times that at .70%, according to eMarketer.

The secret behind successful retargeting is to remind users that you’re still there at just the right amount and at just the right times. These reminders also have to be personally compelling. This is where Market & Grow comes in. An ability to make sense of the data that digital marketing provides and to then turn that into strategic messaging takes expertise.

There is a lot to consider and without giving it all away, clients need to consider the frequency at which the redisplay ads, they need to know at what percent difference the second ad needs to be from  the first ad – these and more are all of the skills that Market a& Grow has in order to guide you through successful digital marketing practices.