Setup & Configure Analytics

In the realm of digital marketing it’s impossible to overlook the impact that Facebook can have on your bottom line. A platform with more than 30% of the entire world population actively using it each month, the opportunities for growth are phenomenal.

Facebook ads are unique because Facebook activity is unique. The average Facebook user spends around half an hour every day scrolling through their newsfeed and interacting with other users and pages. This time is spread across the average eight different times a user will check Facebook throughout the day. In sum, it’s crucial that your content is strategic in itself and in its promotion.

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The focus on interests is key. Facebook’s targeting tools in conjunction with our AWSM capabilities enable you as the client to pinpoint who you want to reach at an unprecedented level of detail. On the surface Facebook has a solid foundation of targeting options like age, sex, languages spoken and location. But the real marketing power is in the details. With our expertise we transform what we hear from you into a well-defined and goal-oriented strategy. We can then limit the audience you reach by specifying what apps users do or do not use, their purchase behavior, what pages users do or do not follow, their hobbies, social activities, even incorporating the kind of visitors that have already visited your website and so much more.

In addition to this vast ability to so minutely target, the form of Facebook Ads is highly versatile. Depending on what your product or service is, you have the option of publishing video ads, image ads, sidebar ads, multi-product ads and so many more. This versatility in tandem with our ability to target ads for your digital growth are what make Facebook Ads so powerful.