Instagram enables New advertisers to create ads without linking their accounts to a Facebook PageFor the longest time, Instagram users have always been required to connect their profile to Facebook Ad Manager but now, new users can finally create Instagram ads without doing so.
Instagram has launched an updated listing of eligibility requirements for its shopping toolsMore businesses and individual creators will now have access to Instagram’s e-commerce options as it updates the eligibility requirements to use shopping tags. 
Instagram is expanding “Reels”, a function similar to Tik TokInstagram added a new function called reels to the app which is pretty much like TikTok.
Facebook  has new updates for its Live Producer Streaming Platform
Facebook has been continuously integrating various types of features suited for different kinds of users in its platform. One of the most popular ones especially during the lockdown is Facebook live streams.
If you want to check out the live producer option, visit this link:

Twitter pushes more ads into feeds and improves the responsiveness of its algorithmTwitter has been slowly increasing its ad load and it has been more noticeable recently.Twitter is also improving the responsiveness of its algorithm enabling it to show users more relevant trends based on user behavior. 
Hulu extends viewer first ad experience with the launch of Gateway GoTechnology has evolved over the past few years especially when it comes to viewing behavior and preference. This is why Hulu, now part of The Walt Disney Company, has announced the launch of GatewayGo. 
Google launched new tools to assist small businesses as part of International Small Business Week.
Google will share free training, tools, and resources to help businesses build a stronger digital presence. These will also increase their rate of survival during this pandemic. If you want to check out their weeklong lineup of training, visit this link:!/
Google Ads will roll out feeds in app campaigns globally to all customers.
Google is set to roll out feeds in App campaigns globally in the coming months. 

Google Expands Access to its Business Messaging Tools from Search and Maps
Customers can now message more businesses directly using Google maps for iOS users and Google search for Android users.
LinkedIn launched a ‘US Recovery Tracker’ to measure key economic indicators in light of COVID-19
LinkedIn will be sharing a new U.S. Recovery Tracker that provides business leaders and individual professionals with regular insights on important data. 

TikTok launches ‘TikTok for Business’ platform for marketersTikTok has launched a new ‘TikTok for Business’ website that provides marketers with a preview and a range of resources, tips, notes, and links to other TikTok tools to guide them as they use the app for their ads.Another thing TikTok has announced is the launch of its new AR Brand Effects and Partner Program which can activate exciting visual effects such as a Brand logo or Brand product in user’s videos.Check out these links for more:

YouTube is testing out its ‘Shorts’ option which was made to rival TikTok
YouTube is beginning to test a new feature on mobile that will allow users to record 15-second long multi-segment videos.

YouTube is working on a new Analytics Overview Summary to help creators maximize performanceYouTube is working on a new video analytics display that is designed to help creators better understand where their views are coming from. 
Snapchat releases an infographic that outlines the key topics or trends on the riseSnapchat has released its predicted trends for the rest of 2020 based on what is gaining a lot of traction as we move to the second half of the year.Check this link for more: