Snapchat launches new ‘try-on’ campaign with Gucci for its Shoppable AR featureSnapchat’s latest update is on the new “Shoppable AR” technology and this week, they have launched a “try-on” campaign created in collaboration with Gucci shoes. Basically, you will now get to use Snapchat filters to try on and buy Gucci sneakers virtually

Pinterest Reports Significant Increases in Christmas Searches as Users Seek Escape from COVID-19Pinterest has published a new report showing Christmas-related are seeing a major increase. It’s a bit sad and optimistic at the same time that people look forward to Christmas as a way to think positive amid the pandemic. If you want to check the guide for yourself, check here:

Facebook Expands Creator Monetization ProgramFacebook is making fan subscriptions available to more creators which means that fans can support their favorite creators through a monthly recurring payment. Sign up for fan subscriptions here:

Facebook Adds New Ad OptionsThere will also be more ways for creators to make money with ads. In-stream ads continue to evolve on Facebook.

Facebook’s New Analytics Tools to Help Creators Manage Their Facebook PresenceFacebook updated video insights to include Live and Stars performance, and a new Video Details Explorer dashboard, which includes Traffic Sources Insights for each video. 

Facebook Announces Prioritizing Original News ReportingFacebook is updating the way news stories are ranked in News Feed to prioritize original reporting and stories with transparent authorship. 

Facebook Adds Custom Audience Creation Options Based on Shopping ActivityJust like Snapchat, Facebook is keen to take advantage of today’s consumer behavior. There are handy new Custom Audience creation options to align with eCommerce activity.

Facebook Publishes New Christmas Marketing Guide for 2020Facebook has launched its research and planning hub for Christmas 2020 and you can learn how people expect to celebrate and shop this Christmas. Check out the guide here:

TikTok Shares New Overview of ‘Unique Opportunities for Brands’ on its Platform TikTok has been making waves when it comes to evolving the platform to not just dancing and having fun, but also as an avenue for advertisers to reach their audience. 

Google expands e-commerce by bringing free retail listings to Google SearchGoogle has recently announced free listings in Google Search. This will give more businesses an opportunity to interact with their customers in more places. 

Google Adds ‘Smart Replies’ to YouTube StudioGoogle announced that there is now an updated SmartReply built for YouTube and implemented in YouTube Studio.

GoogleBot can add products to shopping carts for specific merchants.
GoogleBot adds products to shopping carts but it is only happening for those who participate in Google Shopping that has agreed to have their sites crawled.

LinkedIn Publishes New Report on How Marketing Budgets and Strategies Are Being Impacted by COVID-19LinkedIn’s latest research report aims to find out how businesses are dealing with the challenges of the pandemic, how it is impacting them, and how they’re responding. 

LinkedIn Adds New Analytics Tools for Company Pages, New Process to Limit Page Follow Invites LinkedIn has updated some of its features including new Follower analytics for company pages, a new audio option for pronunciation on user profiles, and an alternative process for limiting company page invites. 

Instagram is Testing a Full-Screen Stories Display as Stories Usage Continues RisingThe use of Instagram Stories has raised significantly over the past few months and Instagram is trying to keep.