Facebook Rolls Out Screen-Sharing in the Messenger App
Facebook is expanding the availability of Messenger’s screen sharing feature in video calls and Messenger Rooms to their mobile apps. 
Instagram launches its redesigned Shop, now powered by Facebook Pay
Instagram proceeds with its plans to promote itself as a place to shop by launching its new Instagram Shop designed to encourage even more browsing and discovery of brands, creators, and products.
Instagram will launch “Reels” next month, a feature that is Facebook’s answer to TikTok.
Facebook has been working on launching for it’s TikTok like feature called “Reels”.
Google Adds New Ad Tools, Including Updated Visual Options and Prompts for Search Ads
Google’s latest update focuses on new ad types, including new markers on search ads to prompt audience action, and improved display types to assist in branding.

Google Looks to Maximize its eCommerce Appeal with New Video Review and Shopping Platform
Google is looking to ensure it maintains its online shopping stake with Shoploop: an entertaining new way to shop online.
Pinterest Shares New Guide to Effective Pin Marketing in 2020
Pinterest published its 2020 advertising guide, which includes overviews and insights on all aspects of the platform. You can download the full, 46-page guide on the link provided on our show notes.
YouTube Adds Data on Other Videos Your Viewers Have Watched and New Audience Retention Metrics
Youtube gives creators a great opportunity to get to know their audience better by allowing you to see a listing of other videos that your viewers have watched on the platform.
Hulu tests self-service ad tool for small businesses
Hulu is now giving smaller businesses the ability to advertise in a high quality, premium streaming television environment by creating a self-service solution that allows businesses to activate, manage, and track their ad campaigns.