TikTok creators express disappointment over Creator Fund distributionTikTok is again under the line of fire, but this time, the creators are showing their disappointment over the funds being distributed by the Creator Fund within a month of its creation.

Reviewing back to school trends report published by TwitterTwitter shared a list of some of the key, emerging back to school trends and the opportunities that opened up for businesses.

Facebook will start limiting the number of ads a Page can runFacebook has announced that they will be limiting the number of ads that can be run by Pages based on their spend size. The ad limits will begin to roll out in February 2021.
Read more here:https://www.facebook.com/business/news/improving-ad-performance-through-ad-volume-guidance/

Reviewing GenZ preferences insight data published by SnapchatSnapchat shared insights about evolving brand and content preferences for GenZ.
To learn more, visit:https://forbusiness.snapchat.com/blog/building-brands-with-gen-z-kantar

Google is adding a new way to track YouTube video conversionsGoogle has announced that it’s adding a new way to better correlate conversions with video ads, even if the viewer doesn’t initially click.
To learn more, visit:https://blog.google/products/ads-commerce/better-conversion-measurement-video-ads-youtube-and-our-network/

Google My Business adds new attributes for listingsGoogle My Business continues its rollout of new attributes with options for listings to highlight health and safety measure.
To learn how to add or edit your business attributes, visit:https://support.google.com/business/answer/10071883

Google launches Fundo, a new way for businesses and creators to monetize eventstaGoogle announced Fundo which helps video creators and small businesses monetize create events, set the event date, and sell tickets to private events.
Read the announcement here:https://blog.google/technology/area-120/fundo/

Google will now start blocking ads that slow down google chromeGoogle is adding a new feature that would make Chrome a faster web browser. It will now allow the Chrome browser to use fewer resources by unloading ads that use a disproportionate network bandwidth or CPU usage.

Google will now start blocking heavy ads
Back in our May 18, 20 we mentioned that Google plans to block heavy ads. Now Google has started rolling out the feature that allows the Chrome browser to use fewer resources by automatically unloading advertisements that use a disproportionate amount of resources.
Read the original announcement here:https://blog.chromium.org/2020/05/resource-heavy-ads-in-chrome.html