Google Shopping Listings is expanding its free display options to businesses in other parts of the globe
As part of Google’s expanded assistance push, its free display options are now expanded to businesses in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.
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Facebook is removing its 28-day attribution window option for Facebook ads
Facebook Ads is getting rid of its 28-day attribution option and change back to a 7-day attribution as the default setting starting October 12, 2020.
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Facebook hosted its annual Communities Summit
Facebook announced a range of new features for groups and provided some new insights on usage, engagement, etc. through its virtual communities summit.
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Instagram published a new set of guides on how businesses can utilize Instagram shops
Instagram published helpful guides to help small businesses get the most out of Instagram Shops through its new mini-site.
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TikTok launches three new Duet layout options to apply to Duet clips
TikTok launched three new Duet layouts for users to apply on their Duet clips and added new creative options to the function.

LinkedIn launched 4 new features to improve user experience
LinkedIn launched 4 new features to give its users a quality experience such as notifications for reported posts, Better Professional Community policies, etc.

Pinterest outlines the latest tools to help businesses tap into the rising number of online shoppers
Pinterest is adding more ad slots to help businesses reach people, new placement options, and in-depth insights on specific Pin performance.

Pinterest has announced a new ‘Pinterest Creators Festival’ event
Pinterest’s new Creators Festival event features a range of expert speakers who will provide advice and tips on how to build an effective Pin presence.
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