Google is testing a feature that will let users filter their search results by pages and sites
Google is working on a new feature that will let users filter their search results by pages and sites that have the same keywords and it comes with a Filter Box.

Google Ads announced that it is expanding its DDA tools for YouTube advertisers
YouTube advertisers will be able to use the ‘Conversion Lift’ metrics from Google Analytics now too!
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Google announced  improvements to its core search engine, Google Lens, and other Search-related tools
Google shares new updates including how the company is using Artificial Intelligence to get better answers to very specific questions, finding a song just by humming it to the Google Assistant, getting an AR view for your online shopping and more.

Google Analytics introduces four important new features for marketers
Google Analytics is giving us 4 new features to improve marketing decisions and get more returns.
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Facebook and Instagram will start dropping support for embedded content on WordPress sites starting October 24
Facebook and Instagram who will no longer be supporting embedded content on WordPress sites. A lot of websites will be affected but embedded content will only be supported for those who meet the following a group of requirements.
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TikTok is testing hyperlinked Call-To-Action buttons on a live TikTok video 
TikTok is testing hyperlinks on a live video which means that you can now easily direct your audience to your website or product page while you do your live video.

TikTok and OpenSlate partners to bring brand safety solution to advertisers
TikTok has partnered with OpenSlate which is a brand safety platform, to make sure that ads and content from different brands are not displayed along with controversial content.

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WordPress rolled out a new feature that allows users to publish blog posts into a Twitter Thread
WordPress is giving users a way to publish blog posts into a Twitter thread so now your long-form content also gets exposure as short term content on Twitter, allowing you to get more reach.

Snapchat aims to be the first company to use Apple’s LiDAR Scanning technology in its iOS app
Snapchat is eager to make a more immersive AR experience by designing a specific LiDAR-powered lens. 

Snapchat launches Sounds on Snapchat lets users enhance their Snaps with music
Snapchat is giving its users a way to add music to their snaps with music from a catalog of both emerging and established artists. Users can add music to their snaps four or after capturing their videos and they can share it without any limits. 
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