1. Twitter Q3 Earnings Report Increase in Ad Revenue and a Decrease in Growth of Active Users

2. Twitter provides Tips for Enhancing Brand Messaging During the Pandemic
3. Facebook 

  • Q3 Earnings Report 2.54 Billion Daily Active Users and $3.71 Billion in Total Revenue from All of Its Apps.
  • Offers Advice to Businesses on How to Leverage Changing Consumer Behavior during The COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Provides Analysis on Ad Performance Based on Frequency

4. Pinterest Q3 Earnings Show an Increase in Revenue and 442 Million Monthly Active Users

5. Pinterest adds new features and Ad Options for Retailers

6. YouTube Earns $5B in Ad Revenue

7. TikTok Partners with Shopify
8. Using Google to Convert Your Website into Video Content

9. Google’s Future Competitor: Apple Search?

10. Tips from YouTube on How to Get Featured on Shorts Feed

11. LinkedIn 722 Million Members and Continues Attaining Record Levels of Engagement

12. Snapchat shares its “Friendship Report” Which Examines How Users Are Connecting During COVID-19

13. Bonus: Survey Shows That Social Media and Impulsive Shopping Are The Biggest Contributors to The Increase in Online Sales