1. Instagram Experiments with Alternate Reaction Options for Stories

2. Countless of Advertisers Encounter Problems with Facebook Ads This Week

3. Facebook Shares Ad Copy Tips to Maximize Your Performance

4.YouTube Adds 3 New Tools for Users to Fix Copyright Issues:

  • Adjustable Endpoints of Video 
  • Add/Modify Your Video’s Audio 
  • Improved Library of Copyright-Free Music

5. YouTube Answers FAQs on Video Discovery and Distribution

6. Snapchat Allows Influencers to Display Subscriber Count

7. Snapchat Gives Educational Insights for Marketers Through ‘Snap Connect’

8. Snapchat Gives Tips on Increasing Ad Engagement Over the Holidays

9. 4 Predictions of 2020 Holiday Shopping Trends:

  • Holiday Shopping Season Will Begin Early 
  • Online Shopping Experiences Will Be Key 
  • Curbside Pickup Will Become a Major FulFillment Channel 
  • Mobile Will Be Crucial to Retail Strategy

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