1. Instagram Adds More Branded Content Options for Creators and Brands. Instagram is advancing its partnership revenue options. Branded Content Tags will now be available for both Reels and Lives.

2. Snapchat Launches Spotlight. Spotlight allows users to share other snapchat users’ content as well as Snap Discover pieces to their story.

3. TikTok Releases Analytics Tracking for Live Streams. TikTok users now have access to analytics on their live streams.

4. TikTok Holiday Playbook for Your Small Business. It is a downloadable 40 page guide that highlights the opportunities of TikTok ads over this holiday season. In the document they share Holiday Video Templates,  give holiday creative ideas, and provide checklists on how to achieve your holiday ad goals.   Download the guide here.

5. Youtube Tests Automated Video Chapters – A Monumental Improvement to Navigation? Back in May, YouTube launched Video Chapters where video creators would insert timestamps into their videos in order to provide faster navigation for viewers. Now YouTube is experimenting with automated video chapters which will automatically insert timestamps into all posted videos.

6. Facebook Releases Best Practices for Video Content. Video is the best performing ad type amongst all social media platforms. Facebook’s tips are: (1) offer a 3-5 second trailer, (2) frame the video with 4:5 aspect ratio, and (3) engage your community by responding to comments.

7. Facebook’s AI Ad Blocking Campaign Hurts Small Business Owners. Facebook’s efforts to punish violation of ad policies has resulted in many mistaken penalties for small businesses. These mistakes are stemming from Facebook’s AI which has been monitoring ads more due to the pandemic. 

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