1.TikTok Ban/Sale Seems To Be On Hold.
2.TikTok Extending to 3 Minutes? The reaction to this potential update is positive with users excited to have more freedom with their video length. However, a few users worry that 3-minute videos may begin to get boring. Read more here.

3. TikTok Publishes Top-Ranking Creators, Content, Rising Stars, and 2021 Trends.

4. Frequency Capping on Twitter is Now Available for All Ad Campaigns. Frequency capping allows you to set a limit as to how often a user will be shown an ad in a given time frame. This feature is now available to all ad campaign types!

5. Google Map Introduces Community Feed Where Users Can See Live Updates on Events and Businesses Near Them. When Google Map users log on they will be shown recent posts, photos, reviews, and events from local businesses. Before, a user had to be following a business in order to receive updates from them. Now it will be automatically available to anyone searching on Community Feed in that location. 

6. Google Lists the Latest Trending Items Based on Search Volume in Its ‘Shopping Gift Guide’. A few trends from Google’s updated ‘Shopping Gift Guide’ are that cooking recipes are in demand as are home exercises, monitors and headsets, self-care packages, and kids’ toys.

7. LinkedIn Introduces “Sales Insights” Which Provides More Market Data. Sales Insights will provide a live overview of business opportunities for your specified market.  LinkedIn says that Sales Insights will be generally available in February. You can sign up for early access here.

8. 5 Tips for Bidding on LinkedIn. These tips cover advice on when to use target cost bidding, maximum delivery, manual bidding, and automated bidding.

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