1. Snap Gives a $3.5 Million Grant to Lens Creators- Is AR the future of Snap Advertisement? Snapchat stays relevant and advanced in the competitive social media world with its AR initiatives. Furthermore, they are exploring Bitmoji-based virtual clothing sponsorships. Say hello to snapchat ecommerce!

2. YouTube Works on Breaking Language Barriers, Hashtag Pages, and Texts in Shorts. Youtube’s new translating initiative will enlarge video audience to people of all languages, Hashtag navigation is made easier, and YouTube Shorts will soon include text captions in the video.

3. 6 YouTube Algorithm Distribution Queries Answered. Does a new updated thumbnail  photo increase engagement? Does click-through rate play into the algorithm? How does YouTube determine which videos appear in the search query? Get all of these questions answered and more!

4. Whatsapp Adds a Shopping Cart Feature. Carts allow Whatsapp users to browse an eCommerce businesses’ catalog, select their desired items, and send an order as one message to the business.   

5. Ads on Whatsapp? It seems that soon enough businesses will be able to advertise on Whatsapp. The ads will appear similar as they do on Instagram Stories.   

6. Instagram Penetrates the eCommerce World with Shopping Tags on Reels. If a creator adds a product listing to their Reel clip, viewers can now tap on ‘View Product’ which will direct them to purchasing the item for sale.

7. Manage All of Your Instagram Posts on Facebook’s New Content Management Calendar. This update will help social media managers immensely by streamlining their posting process to one platform.

9. Twitter Algorithm Ruining Ads? Users are complaining that they are seeing up to 4 ads in a row on their feed. 

10. 5 Must-know Social Media Trends for 2021. Social commerce is the future, authenticity matters, social media as a discovery engine, the growth of messaging apps, and customer service. Listen to the podcast to hear how to leverage these trends!

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