🎙️ Happy Holidays! Welcome to Episode 36 of This Week In Marketing Show 🎙️

During the week of Christmas, there were a couple of notable updates from the digital marketing world. First, Facebook continues to cause more damage to small advertisers than the promised benefits. Its automated tools have been unfairly and incorrectly shutting down small businesses who depend on the platform for some of its income.

Next, TikTok Adds commenting and notifications to its web version, while releasing a new ‘Year on TikTok’ in app feature that will bring in memories for the users to reminisce how they spent their 2020 with the platform.

Other notable updates include  Google Discover Feed now coming to other chromium browsers, YouTube’s testing of a new offline download feature for multiple devices, Instagram’s Updated Terms of use pissing off a lot of its user base, and some predictions for social media as we head into 2021!

✨ Have a safe and blessed New Years! ✨

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