#TWIMshow EP 37:

🎙️ Happy New Year! Welcome to Episode 37 of This Week In Marketing Show 🎙️

During the week of New Years, there were not too many new, notable updates around the digital marketing community, but there were a couple from both Google and TikTok. 

First, Google is adding a Social Media Video Carousel to Its Results Page. Don’t be confused by this and the Google Stories feature which were videos produced by large media publishers. For select users, the new carousels will display relevant social media videos from platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Next, a TikTok Payment feature may be coming soon. Bytedance, the parent company for TikTok has applied for “TikTok Payment” E-payment trademark signaling speculation that in-app payment is imminent. Stay tuned for more details.

😃 Have a safe and blessed week! 😃

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