🎙️ Hope you had a great weekend! Welcome to Episode 38 of This Week In Marketing Show 🎙️

This week, there were various digital marketing updates from numerous platforms. Starting with Instagram, they are testing a new design for stories on desktop. With the new style, stories will appear in a carousel rather than a single tile that takes up the entire page. 

Next, YouTube is changing its copyright policy with a “three strikes and you’re out”. If you’re caught violating YouTube’s copyright policy three times in 90 days, your channel will now be banned for eternity. 

Other new updates include Snapchat relaunching Partner Solutions Program for Advertisers, Facebook and Snapchat being furious with Apple’s new IDFA changes, Twitter recruiting podcast company Braker to help and improve Twitter’s “Spaces”, and 5 tips for writing successful SEO content. 

😃 Have a safe and blessed week! 😃

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