🎙️ Happy MLK Day! Welcome to Episode 39 of This Week In Marketing Show 🎙️

This past week, there were some very interesting updates, especially with YouTube. YouTube analytics will now appear 24 hours after posting a video. Previously, it took a week or two for data on a video to show up in the analytics page. Now, data will start showing in analytics after 24 hours. In addition, YouTube Hashtags will not get its own entire landing page. Lastly, YouTube will move forward with its shop feature to tag items within video clips. 

Next, Instagram is still in the testing phase of trying to remove the like button. There has not been too much info on if this will be an actual update, but time will soon tell. 

Other new updates include Facebook planning on Removing the ‘Our Story’ Section from Pages next month, LinkedIn launching “LinkedIn Marketing Labs” to help advertisers, and Snapchat adding a new TikTok like feature to show the number of public views for spotlight videos. 

😃 Have a safe and blessed week! 😃

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