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In this episode, Sajid shares his thoughts on facebook’s new supreme court oversight board. It’s been a long time coming for this oversight board due to all of the facebook banning over the years. In the first 3 months it received over 150,000 cases to review! Furthermore, Google switching to a new tracking system shows a lot. It’s caving to Apple’s privacy demands as it is much more tactful to switch tracking systems than to give users the option to opt out of being tracked at all. Read on to find the other updates and LISTEN to the podcast to hear the analysis 😉

1. Finally an Instagram Business Dashboard?! It’s about time! This will be a management overview platform that provides basic performance insights and analytics.

2. Facebook’s first “Supreme Court” OverSight Board Overturns ⅘ Cases. Facebook has a track record of banning, banning, and more banning. Now they’ve established a Supreme-court like board that will review the most controversial of the calls.

3. Having a Twitter Customer Care Team Isn’t  Just For The Big Brands. Customer Care on Twitter? It’s actually a lot more practical than you would think. Top brands have a twitter dedicated to customer care and brands that have a well-developed customer care system on Twitter had 6x the number of followers as others.

4. Google Is Caving to Apple’s Demands. Apple’s new Privacy Policy is forcing google to make some drastic moves. This one includes ditching IDFA and switching to Apple’s tool SKAdNetwork.

5. YouTube Provides a Full Guide on How to Self-verify Your YouTube Videos. YouTube’s self-certification system has been open since 2019, but now they have finally published an official guide on how to properly vet your videos . You can find the official guidelines HERE.

6. Capture Highlights from Your Favorite YouTube Videos with The New ‘Clips’ Feature. Look to see if your video offers ‘clipping’ underneath the video. If it does, tap the ‘Clip’ button and the video you create will show up in your library! This is only in the beta phase, so don’t worry if it’s not yet available to you. 

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