🎙️ Welcome to Episode 43 of This Week In Marketing Show 🎙️

One of the most important updates we discuss concerns Instagram. It has a new algorithm for its Reels and you’ll need to listen to the podcast to make sure you aren’t posting videos that are automatically put on their naughty list! Furthermore, Sajid makes some predictions about TikTok’s new “recipe card” features and how it will help more than just foodies in the future.

1. Q4’20 Results Shows that Twitter is Growing. That is a 5 million active user increase from their Q3. Furthermore, the company believes that it will increase by 20% in the first quarter of 2021.

2. Twitter Improves its Data Tracking Options for Advertisers. Twitter has reconstructed its website tag offering to finally provide first-party data on ad campaigns. This means that advertisers can finally move away from third party cookies!

3. TikTok Adds Direct Linking Options to Help Creators Monetize Their Content. Currently this is just a partnership with ‘Whisk’ where TikTok’ers can link a recipe card to their TikTok video. Soon enough we predict that this linking feature will be extended to many other apps like Yelp and TripAdvisor!

4. More Banning Shows that Facebook Is a Joke. Facebook has lowered itself to now banning pictures of cows claiming that the photos display “overtly sexual” content….If we thought that Facebook couldn’t go any lower, we were wrong.

5. Shopify “Shop Pay” is Now Available on Instagram and Facebook. Shopify’s Shop Pay Tool will now be available on Facebook and Instagram.

6. Facebook Trying to Recreate Clubhouse? We’re not surprised one bit. The New York Times reports that Facebook Executives have instructed employees to start mimicking a Clubhouse platform.

7. COMING SOON – Instagram Reels Shareable to Facebook. Some Instagram users have been receiving notifications asking for consent for Facebook to share their Reels to Facebook. This means that sharing Reels will be coming to Facebook soon!

8. Reels Algorithm Will Penalize Your Content if You Do This. Listen to the podcast to find out what it is! 😉

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