One of the biggest updates is Facebook preparing to launch the independent app “Super”. It’s a live video platform where you can meet-and-greet your favorite celebrities and influencers. Advertisers can also pay these celebrities to give shoutouts to their brands in between viewings. Will it be a bust or win? Sajid gives some insights on this new venture. 

1. FYI: LinkedIn Has A Double-Tap Like Feature. This is similar to the Double-Tap feature found in Instagram.

2. TikTok’s Ad Business Has Boomed Since its US Lawsuit Ended. After the Biden administration stopped the lawsuit claim against TikTok, the app saw a huge rise in its number of advertisers.

3. This New YouTube Feature Will Help You See What Your Audience Watches. YouTube Analytics now shows you what other channels and entertainment streams that your audience has been watching over the past 28 days.

4. YouTube’s Shorts Tools Will Come to the US Next Month! U.S. YouTube accounts always had the ability to upload shorts, but now they will have all of the Shorts editing tool features like a Shorts Camera and trimming abilities. It will be much easier to post directly from your mobile phone

5. Facebook Addresses the Challenges Coming to Advertisers. Facebook has updated  its resource pages that can help app marketers deal with these new IDFA changes that Apple is set to release soon and has even warned them of the losses they can face due to these changes. They are set to launch a new Blueprint Course as well as site that will showcase many alternate options for these ads marketers and for its Audience Network partners that will in some ways cover up their losses.

6. Will Facebook’s New ‘Super’ App Be a Bust or a Win? This new app will be similar to Cameo which is a video-sharing website. The goal is for it to be a live-stream meet-and-greet of your favorite celebrities. Listen to the podcast to find out how advertising would work!

7. Facebook’s Shady Practices Revealed in Court Facebook executives knew for years its “potential reach” advertising metric was inflated and overruled an employee warning to adjust it to avoid a revenue hit, plaintiffs of a lawsuit against the social media giant argued in an un-redacted court filing.

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