Twitter’s new subscription feature is definitely the biggest update from this week. Twitter is in the works or producing subscriptions where you can pay to get exclusive content from your favorite Twitter creators. This is a big move because creators will finally be able to monetize their services on the platform. 

1. Automatically Share Your Instagram Stories to Facebook. FINALLY! You can change your IG setting to automatically share IG stories to your Facebook story as well.

2. 6 Twitter Trends for Your Business.  The world is changing. Fast. But how fast? And where is it all going? Discover how the talk on twitter can give us a window into culture and how brands can stay ahead of what’s happening. 
These trends are Wellbeing, Creator Culture, Everyday Wonder, One Planet, Tech Life, and My Identity. Listen to the podcast to gain some ideas on how to utilize them on your Twitter! You can find the Twitter Trends report here:

3. Users Can Now Choose the Types of TikTok Ads They Receive. Giving users control over which ads they want to receive is a surprising move by TikTok. It will definitely lead to a better user experience, but will it harm advertisers?

4. Save Your Favorite Products with This New TikTok Feature. TikTok has added a “Products Tab” to its Favorites Menu. Here you can save your favorite products that you find while scrolling TikTok.

5. You Can Tip & Subscribe to Twitter Accounts? If you want to receive exclusive content and tweets you will be able to follow certain creators who offer their resources on Twitter’s Super Follows subscription. This feature has been announced but is not available yet.

6. Key Takeaways from #TWTRAnalystDay. What we learned from #TWTRAnalystDay and the future of Twitter – Twitter is what’s happening in the world. It is about reaching an active, engaged audience and what people are talking about. You can learn more about Analyst Day here: