1. Microsoft Bing Updates Interface. Microsoft announced several updates to Microsoft Bing Search that make the search experience more “visually immersive,” the company said. This update goes across many different search features including recipe results, image search’s similar looking items, expandable search result carousels, infographic knowledge panels and the local answers design.

2. Pinterest Premiers New Marketing Tools: As part of its first-ever ‘Pinterest Presents‘ marketing and advertising summit, Pinterest has  announced several new ad tools to provide more insight into campaign performance, and enhanced opportunity to reach the right audience.

3. Google Launches “Evasive Ad Content” Policy. Google recently launched evasive ad content, which extends manipulations of trademark terms in ad text to domains, subdomains, and logos and prohibits usage of invisible UNICODE characters in ads that add no value for users; and disallow manipulations of images or videos to hide policy violating content.

4. Google Discover features YouTube Short Videos.  Google has started surfacing YouTube content in a short form videos carousel in Google Discover.
5. Instagram Launches Livestreams for Up to Four Users. Instagram is doubling the capacity of live streams, letting up to four people go live at once.

6. CFO of Twitter Makes a Statement on Apple’s New Privacy Changes – Ned Segal, CFO of Twitter  says that Apple’s privacy changes will not affect Twitter that much. Why?

7. LinkedIn Shares Statement on Identifier for Advertising. On March 4th, LinkedIn shared a statement on expected changes due to Apple’s new IDFA requirements.

8. TikTok Rolls Out Q&A for All Creators. TikTok has launched  TikTok Q&A, a new question and answer feature that gives viewers and creators new ways to connect.

9. TikTok Tests Video Scheduling Feature.  TikTok is working towards introducing another new feature for web users which will allow you to schedule a video which you want to post on TikTok.

10. TikTok TV Option Arrives in America. Back in December, Samsung announced a new deal with TikTok to enable Samsung Smart TV owners in Europe to watch TikTok clips on their TV sets. Now, the company has confirmed this capacity is coming to the US, with most of its 2021 smart TVs able to access the TikTok-connected app.

11. TikTok Announces TikTok for Business. TikTok has launched a new TikTok for Business profile in the app, through which it will share platform marketing tips, usage insights and preview upcoming events to help advertisers make the most of the platform.

12. TikTok “Ready, Set, Grow” Summit for SMB’s. TikTok recently announced their plans to host a Ready Set Grow Summit on Mar 24, 2021 for small and medium businesses, which could be a game changer for enterprises looking to get started on the social media platform.