1. Clubhouse Has Announced an Accelerator Creators Program. This program will provide the opportunity to monetize some creators’ shows and conversions. It aims to support and train 20 creators who want to share their ideas and creativity with the world, but lack the financial support. You can apply for Clubhouse Creator First before March 31, 2021!

2. Google Ads Introduces a New Summary View. The new, simplified layout of the summary view can now help you do the following: view performance at a glance; improve performance with custom recommendations; create and edit campaigns in just a few clicks, and manage keywords in one place.

3. TikTok has a new Ad Library which Helps You to Find the Best Performing Ads. TikTok for Business is getting easier and easier. You can now take inspiration from other businesses’ ads, and you can find them through a range of categories, including ‘Ad Type’, ‘Region’ and ‘Industry. To be even more specific, you can filter through ads on a given period of time (last 7 days or last 30 days), and you can also filter further by performance (CTR, Impressions, 6 second video view rate).

4. LinkedIn Provides Fundamental Strategies for Video Ads. According to LinkedIn, its users are 20x more likely to share a video, compared on any other type of post. The platform has analysed more than 3,500 video ads to identify key elements for video ad performance optimization, and they have come up with the following key tips: Include a product demo and an offer; animate your video ad; keep audio simple and use captions, and keep copy short, with a call-to-action button.

5. TikTok and OpenSlate Expand Its Safety Tools to Advertisers in the UK, Australia and Canada: TikTok and Open Slate first announced their arrangements in October 2020. According to TikTok, Open Slate will put an extra layer of safety on brands, so they can filter the content on which their ad can either be shown, or not shown. They have control over the type of content, which will reduce undesirable situations. However, brands are not confident to go 100% in TikTok ads, considering that the platform is banned in India and Pakistan due to data protection failure.

6. New Auto-Reply Message Option for TikTok Business Accounts. Answering to common queries and questions has been made easy, through the option of automated replies. It applies only for business accounts and you can create a welcome message for when people first DM you, as well as an auto-reply message, based on keywords. However, due to the possible misuses, TikTok has a process of first reviewing all requests for automates messages.

7. TikTok Shifts to Personalized and Mandatory Ads from April, 15. Users will no longer be able to skip ads, just like the ads on television and YouTube. However, the ads shown will be personalized based on users’ activity on the platform and personal interests. They could also switch the ads back to being general, which still leaves them with some kind of control over what advertisements they see.

8. YouTube Launched a New Tool, “Checks”, which Will Help with Detecting Copyrighted Videos before they are Published: Many content creators have experiences the non-organized system of YouTube when it comes to copyright issues. Some of them have broken copyright laws by accident, leaving all their hard work go to waste. This process is now improved by YouTube, thanks to their new tool that will detect copyright elements before a video is published, saving users a lot of potential frustration.

9. TV Data is Now Connected to YouTube Analytics. Creators can see how many of their viewers are seeing content on their TV screens. You know what that means? It is time to consider how to maximise video ad reach, given the growth of connected TV viewing.