Here’s a quick rundown of this week’s updates.
1. Facebook has Announced ‘Shops’ for Facebook and Instagram where businesses can easily create an online store on both platforms for free. There will also be new features across both apps like Instagram Shop which has live shopping features and loyalty programs to improve the customer experience as they shop.
2. Facebook began running a test of skippable mid-roll in-stream video ads for 10-15 second videos in a small population. 
3. Facebook tests its 3D Product Images in the Marketplace as well as advanced AI and AR Shopping Initiatives. If Facebook can get it right, it could change eCommerce to a more integrated, intelligent way to shop.
4. One more test being done on Facebook this week is Engagement alerts, a new option that would enable group admins to set specific alerts for posts that are seeing increased engagement within their communities. 

5. Instagram has announced changes to the way it alerts a Live user when it’s systems detect music that doesn’t adhere to its licensing agreement to avoid Livestream interruptions. 

6. Twitter has removed its custom camera captions and larger image presentation format to make tweeting photos and videos easier.

7. Twitter update that says that it is getting better at detecting and removing bots and these accounts are indeed being both detected and removed systematically.
8. Pinterest has introduced an entirely new feature called shopping spotlights to make shopping and picking your favorite influencers and magazines easier than ever.
9. YouTube launched a new product for advertisers called YouTube Select where ads are localized so we are expecting to see a higher premium as different states adjust to reopening businesses on different timetables.
10. Google’s desktop and mobile web browser Chrome will begin blocking advertisers that are using heavy formats like those cryptocurrency mining ads that are unoptimized for network usage to improve user experience.
Bonus:11. Google will launch a podcast called “Search off the Record” that gives you a behind the scenes of Google Search or information that hasn’t been documented before.Check out the podcast here: