1. Reddit Has Launched a New Advertiser Resource Hub Called ‘Reddit Ads Formula’ – It will include a range of guides, tips, case studies and additional help for businesses to fully utilise the platform. Sam Hughes adds: “Reddit Ads Formula features the latest on our ad solutions, industry insights, creative best practices, seasonal moments and more. On-demand courses will be launching in the coming months to take our education efforts to the next level.” Anyone can register and access Reddit Ads Formula here with email sign-up.

2. Auto Captions Are Now Available On TikTok –  This is one of the many features TikTok has worked on, to make the platform more accessible. Auto captions will automatically generate the subtitles, which will initially only be available in American English and Japanese. The aim is to help people who are hard of hearing or deaf better use and enjoy TikTok.

3. TikTok Releases an In-App Video Shooting And Editing Tool – It will help users to extend their creativity, both beginners and professionals, and it will also enable the creation of longer, more polished advertisement videos. The video editor will include in trend music, colors, fonts, and other filters and features which contain customization, subtitles transitions; cropping, and cutting – all of this available for free.

4.  Pinterest Ads Are Expanding To Brazil – Statistics from Brazil show that 50% of women, 45% of Gen Z and 60% of moms use Pinterest, which makes the platform the 2d most used one after Facebook. All these people use Pinterest to find ideas, to shop, for inspiration and product discovery, so expanding paid promotions via Pin is a great way for businesses to reach this highly engaged audience. 

5. Pinterest “Creator Fund” Will Pay $500k To A Small Group Of Influencers –  This “Creators Fund” program will choose and pay $500,000 in cash and media to small groups of influencers throughout 2021, starting with eight creators who come from under-represented backgrounds. But the company plans to add more people to the program throughout the year. While TikTok and Snapchat have launched similar programs for trendsetting content, it looks like Pinterest has a much broader perspective and plan.

6. Clubhouse Is Allowing Content Creators Monetization, While Facebook And Reddit  Are Working On Their Own Audio Rooms –  The next step for Clubhouse is to allow its content creators to be monetized for their work, through a payment feature that will enable users to give tips to the speakers. Compared to YouTube, Clubhouse is only a year old and only available to iOS, yet it is still attracting many users and has just reached a 1 billion dollars worth. This is a good reason for Reddit and Facebook to work on their own audio rooms, which are now in a testing stage.

7. Changes to Google’s Search Console Report – Firstly, site owners will now be able to use Search Console to filter data by regular expression (regex), which will help with creating more complex query and page based filters. Secondly, you can now utilize a revamped comparison mode which supports more than one metric.

8. Facebook Launches Dynamic Ads For Streaming – They will help video streaming brands highlight their content library so they can showcase the right titles to the right audiences. When people see an ad for your service in their feed, they can swipe through the ad and see personalized, relevant titles. That will be based on any interests they’ve shown on Facebook and Instagram.

9. YouTube Adds Violative View Rate (VVR) to Community Guidelines Enforcement Report – As part of the Community Guidelines Enforcement Report, the Violative View Rate (VVR) will help determine what percentage of views comes from content that violates YouTube’s policies. VVR is calculated by taking a sample of videos and sending them to the content reviewers who will tell which videos violate any policies and which do not. Through this sampling, YouTube will gain a more comprehensive view of the violations that are not caught through their systems. 

10. Video Experiments In YouTube Ads – These experiments are easy to set up and quick to deliver results that you can act on. So whether you’re looking to understand the impact of different video ads on Brand Lift, conversions or CPAs, you too can make more informed decisions that improve your results on YouTube. Follow this Help Centre guide to learn how to set up a successful video experiment.