1. Apple’s Paid Ads Business Expansion (0:37) – Apple didn’t want to comment on their employment of Antonio Garcia Martinez, however, it looks like they are planning big steps in the advertising industry, just in time with the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) introduction. Back in 2016, Apple had its own advertising platform, called iAd, but that was considered unsuccessful.

2. TikTok Coins, New Features, And A Refreshed Safety Center (3:10) – The improved Safety Center includes new guides and resources to help with digital safety and security among families – A guardian’s guide to TikTok; Bullying education and prevention resources, and more. On the creative side, they have also introduced the latest layout addition, green screen duet, along with the already existing left & right; react, and top & bottom.

3. Google’s John Mueller Shares Valuable Advice (6:57) – He shares that there shouldn’t be any problem with the following situation: “moving the navigation in your HTML code from the top of the source code to the bottom while using positioning techniques to render the navigation at the top.” He also mentions that just because your site has ranked well at some point in the past or now, it doesn’t mean it will continue to be ranking well forever.

4. Some Medical Treatments Are Prohibited On Google Ads (8:42) – The treatments that are not allowed to be advertised include stem cell therapy, cellular (non-stem) therapy, gene therapy and similar forms of regenerative medicine, platelet-rich plasma, and others. Violations of this policy will be given a 7-day notice before further action is taken.

5. YouTube Updates Features On Their Community Posts And Adds A Subscribers’ Only Feature (In Beta) (9:44) – The 3 updates to their community posts include a first-ever look at analytics data; the ability to add more images, and the ability to schedule posts on iOS. Furthermore, they are working on a subscribers’ only feature, similarly to Twitch, where content creators will be able to host live streams and chats with their subscribers exclusively.

6. $100M For YouTube Shorts Creators And Expanding Clips (11:58) – The fund will be distributed in 2021-2022 among creators with unique content who also follow the Community Guidelines. During the past 3 years, YouTube has invested over $30 billion in its creators, artists, and media companies, and they will continue to provide the necessary support. Moreover, the platform is rolling out new Clips option to 10x more channels, which will provide another way for users to share specific segments from videos.

7. Snapchat’s Report On Rising AR (14:10) – To measure top consumer AR trends, Snapchat teamed up with Deloitte Digital and interviewed more than 15,000 users across 15 nations. The platform has acknowledged that 64% of the younger users that were reached didn’t watch any Television, which is why Snapchat was able to reach 71% of the Gen Z while televisions couldn’t.

8. Pinterest Ads Guide, Removing Scams And Testing Live Stream Events (16:21) – The platform has published an overview guide of how to utilize Promoted Pins, and they have also shared how they are tackling spam and malicious content: “Our models detect spam vectors, like Pin links, as well as users engaging in spammy behaviors. We quickly limit distribution of Pins with spam links and take direct action against users identified with a high confidence to be engaging in spammy behavior.” Meanwhile, they are also expanding to live events.

9. Facebook Conversions API For Better ROI (18:15) – The Facebook Conversions API aims to respect Facebook users’ privacy controls. For example, if a customer uses the Off-Facebook Activity privacy tool, their choices will extend to data sent via Conversion API. It is designed to be less vulnerable against a browser crash or connectivity issues.