10. LinkedIn published a new guide on ‘Content Marketing in Times of Uncertainty’ filled with advice from industry heavy-weights and business to business marketers and experts.
Download the guide here: shorturl.at/hiJO1

9. Twitter is working on new ways for you to respond to a tweet with an emoji. 

8. ByteDance, the developer of TikTok, is adding restrictions that will stop Chinese-based staff from accessing its data. 

7. Facebook is adding a new option to switch between personal and business accounts in messenger. 

6. Twitter is bringing back an option to apply for profile verification and this time with clearer guidelines. Twitter is also testing out the new List Discovery Option which will make it easier for you to connect with different topics across the platform depending on your interest.

5. Google has created a dedicated TV section in its ad Marketplace specifically for publishers and inventory. This allows you to reach TV audiences across devices. 

4. Google Ads introduced two new ‘ready-to-buy’ options that further accelerate the process of finding the right inventory for your campaign. The  Auction Packages and YouTube Select’s dedicated streaming TV lineup available to Display & Video 360 buyers in the U.S. 
Google Ads also announces the removal of certain demographic targeting criteria for advertisers in the employment, housing, and credit sectors.

3. LinkedIn is testing a new ‘Current Status’ option to help keep connections updated on what you’re up to at any given time. 

2. Facebook has added Wikipedia Knowledge boxes to certain search results. Another Facebook update is on Facebook’s dedicated News tab that currently houses local news for users in the US. 

1. Snapchat announces 8 notable updates this week which include Action Bar, Voice-Activated Lenses, and an Overview of its New Video Conversion Tool.