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[Introduction] – 00:00

Hey everyone, welcome back to episode 84 of the TWIMshow. This is your host, Sajid Islam. And today, I’ll be going over the notable news and updates in the digital marketing space from the week of November 22nd, 2021.

[Update 1 – TikTok TV is Now Available in North America] – 00:12

So today first we have an update from TikTok so it’s not a big update. It’s a very small update. However, it has big implications for social media as well as Instagram. So what is this? Tiktok TV app is now available in North America now TV app is exactly as it sounds. Is TikTok on your home TV. Why should this? Why is this a big update? Well, Instagram doesn’t have a TV append TikTok has. People spend a lot of time on TV and guess what, when you are consuming TikTok on TV, you are hooked onto it. This is good news for TikTok creators, as well as people who are advertising on TikTok. Now you have bigger. In the ad inventory, ad space inventory, which basically means lower costs, bigger higher reach, and things like that. Now I’m pretty sure Instagram is going to be able to copy them out very soon and they’re going to also create an Instagram app, but this just kind of shows how TikTok is disrupting. I mean Instagram has been around for so long and the only app that it is available on his mobile right? And then in the past few weeks a few months, they made some changes to the Instagram web app. Which is you have to use Instagram from a browser. Instagram never really came out with an Instagram app on computers such as Mac or Windows. Versus you know, Instagram? Oh, you know, kept on focusing on it. Really missed the boat on iPads and tablets so you know, I kind of like it with that. The one caveat is that obviously, you would have to log in with your account if you want to see some of the channels, and you know celebrities that you follow on TikTok if not you just kind of browse through it. With that, we’re done with the TikTok update. Let’s go into the next update.


[Update 2 – Google Ads App Updated With 3 New Features] – 02:07

The next update is from Google Ads, again into Google Ads app, not any changes in Google ads itself, but Google Ads has updated their mobile app and they’ve added three new functions or features into their app that I think you know it’s it’s good for me to cover number. First one is improved performance insight. The Google ads apps now gives you more context about the campaigning site, such as explanations for performance fluctuations if you make a change to your bid and budget strategy. For example, the app will explain how the change impacted performance shifts in such interest will be also better explained, as well as insights into positive performance change. The new data can help you understand what work in your campaigns and why, which is information you can use to create more successful campaigns in the future. Now, from what I’ve just read, if you kind of figure out all this is meant towards the small business users, small mom and pop users. People who are spending less than $20,000 a month in Google ads you are absolutely spot on again, this is their way of getting more retail and I call it retail or Main Street advertisers onto the platform and help them create Google ads very quickly and give them something so that you know they don’t go into the. The Google ads editor, which is the desktop version of Google ads or the web interface. Now let’s move on to the next update, which is the real-time search trends. What Google is saying came up. Keep up with consumer demand with a new report on search trends which is updated in real-time. Tapping on an individual search trend will show you popular queries associated with it. Are search trend like pie and tarts, for example, can reveal the exact type of pies people are searching for. Google may also show our recommendation when applicable to help you optimize your campaign for an emerging search trend. You know, I kinda like that and to be honest I was planning to look into the Google ads app, the latest version update my apps on my phone and see how it is. And so that I would be able to kind of give you some more insights. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to do it. But if when I do that I will definitely make a follow up video on our marketANDgrow channel and talk about it. The third thing that Google ads now allows the Google Ads app allows you to do is create campaigns on mobile. As the name says, or as the title says, you know you just can create campaigns on mobile again. Should you do it? I don’t think so. Like I said, going back to the first point, Google is targeting the Main Street advertisers, which is basically people who are short on time and there expecting. You know, you’d be able to create ads on the fly and use a smart add option. And guess what Google is going to take a lot of your money, not not in for a whole model, not for not for great results. So if that’s what it is, that’s what they’re gearing towards, that’s the nudge. The silent thing that Google is trying to do, but if you’ve been following our show, now you know. And you can stay away from that trouble. You can look at use the update number one and update #2, but don’t create campaigns on mobile right? It’s hard.


[Update 3 – Twitter Launches Live-Stream Shopping Broadcasts] – 05:27

OK with that. Let’s move on to the next update, which is Twitter launches live stream shopping broadcast and now hello if you are following you kind of know Instagram is doing it. Facebook’s doing it. TikTok’s doing it? Pinterest doing it. Why YouTube’s doing it? Why will Twitter be left out? Live stream is live stream. Shopping is something that works. It has blown up in China. Live stream shopping. Well, we never had live stream shopping, but we always on TV. We had QVC which is basically people doing the same thing. The broader to social media it’s kicking ass. No. If you are like me and you were surprised that Twitter is doing shopping and you can do live stream broadcast on Twitter, well. You’re forgiven, ’cause I myself was not aware of it and this is one of the reasons why I love doing this TWIMshow is because I get to learn things along with you all know here is something I will still interesting share with you. So one of the first you know event they had was yesterday with the call it cyber deals Monday. Sorry, cyber deals Sunday. This was something hosted on Twitter with partnership with Walmart. I was shocked to see that 1.9 million people watched that 59 minutes of that. You know, live stream shopping blown mind blown. Right? Although Walmart is a big channel but nevertheless having 1.9 million viewers watch it is amazing. Thecyber,  it started out by the way started at 7:00 PM Eastern on November 20th on a Sunday evening at 7:00 PM. It was hosted by Jason Jason Derülo, who’s a musician. So I  kind of watched a few minutes of it so that I can report back on. What I thought of that show. I mean, it’s amazing. It’s live. It’s well choreographed professional cameras following him around in his house and make beautiful house. Jason’s an amazing house. I mean you know now you can see what the the rich and the famous how they live in their home and the kitchen and things like that. But besides the point, you know, one of the item. That and this is the only item I watched. So one of the items they were Jason was in a using and it was kind of showing. Suggesting to his fans and followers to buy was this Costway 6.3 quart tilt head mixer, right and basically Walmart was saying hey it’s regular price is $229.99 and you could buy it on live stream $109.99 OK great!  I Googled the same time the same product on Walmart’s it was again some other seller on Walmart was selling it for $105.00 and Amazon has the same product at $99 right? Why am I sharing this with you? Am I a hater? I’m not in hater, right? What I’m trying to tell you is that you know, don’t. Some of those deals may sound good. Deals are not really good deals. It’s up to you. The buyer to kind of. Do your research and not get become emotional and like oh, I’m a fan of Jason. He’s using it. He’s telling is good. Let’s go use it right. Other than that, save your money. If you can do a little bit of research, don’t buy anything just because you see it seems like a good deal. Always Google a couple of things. Put the product name. On a different tab, check it out, but I wish you know Walmart had actually truly given a real deal, because if it was a $85 and $90 at $95, which matches Amazon the same product, you know that’s really a deal. And then I my my thing for Amazon would have really gone. Sorry not Amazon might thing for Walmart would have really gone up and I would have really believed in life shopping, but now I’m very skeptical. That’s all, let’s up.


[Update 4 – YouTube Adds Option to Reuse Details from Previous Videos] – 09:16

Next up is an update from YouTube. YouTube now adds an option to reuse details from previous videos. I like that because now you can reuse that things from video, title, video descriptions, language settings, short sampling permissions, and category selections from previous videos are basically create a template. This is great. I mean, I don’t think you will reuse a video title, but this is great. For example, our TWIMshow title to ensure channel where you know every week we have an update, but you know the. I guess the hashtags and show sampling and category selections do not change cause you know, we kind of go from week over week with the same settings and our, you know, admin staff would not have to copy and paste it again and again in just their setting and go with it. So I think I like that update.


[Update 5 – YouTube Introduces Search Insights] – 10:06

The other update from YouTube and this is the last update for this week and it’s a big update is that YouTube introduces search insights. OK? What is search insights right? It’s amazing if you are a creator and oftentimes I have this issue. OK, what video should I create next? YouTube search insights answers that question. You can see what your viewers, your channel audiences are searching for on YouTube and YouTube will also say with the content gaps are like you know what they’re searching for in and around YouTube and what the content gaps is what they were searching for and what they did not find low quality content. They’re going to show you that, but the catch is that you will only see the volume for the last 20 days. At least for now. And they categorize those groups these those volumes as high, medium, and low, right? That’s one. And the other thing is, OK, fine, you probably like our channel. We have low value and more viewers know followers. We can see searches across YouTube. What other people are searching for. For in relation to his list, say Google Ads and I can see such and such queries and again Google doesn’t show individuals such queries there. Grouping it together. Nevertheless, it’s a step good step in the right direction. It’s a great step in the right direction. I love it. I love it. I am going to have my team start using it and kind of give me some reports on what’s happening on. The YouTube channel so that we can create content effectively and that’s the game YouTube is playing right now. Where let’s help creators create great content so that people keep coming back to YouTube. Again, YouTube U, which is an unofficial name that I kind of say YouTube universities because everyone goes to YouTube to learn. I go to YouTube to learn anything I want to learn about that I do not know about before. I go and purchase the courses and things like that.


[Closing] – 11:55

Ok, folks, with that, that’s it for This Week In Marketing. This was a short week ’cause this was the Thanksgiving week. So basically people were off on Thursday, Friday, part of Wednesday, not much is happening. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving holiday. Once again, this is your host, Sajid Islam signing off until next week. Take care. Bye-bye.


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1. TikTok TV is Now Available in North America (00:12) – TikTok TV app is exactly as it sounds – TikTok on your home TV. Users are able to log into the TikTok TV app with their existing TikTok account, ensuring your preferences are factored into the content displayed, while you can also search for content and creators via the Discover function in the TV app. The expanded viewing options could drive broader consumption and awareness of TikTok content, with the pandemic pushing more people to consume more web-based content on their home TV screens, and younger viewers, in particular, increasingly aligned with connected TV offerings.


2. Google Ads App Updated With 3 New Features (02:07) – Google Ads updates its mobile app with new features to help marketers monitor campaign performance and make changes from their mobile devices. 
  • Improved Performance Insights – The Google Ads app now gives you more context about campaign insights, such as explanations for performance fluctuations. If you make a change to your bid and budget strategy, for example, the app will explain how the change impacted performance. Shifts in search interest will also be better explained, as well as insights into positive performance changes. This new data can help you understand what worked in your campaigns and why, which is information you can use to create more successful campaigns in the future.
  • Real-time Search Trends – Keep up with consumer demand with a new report on search trends, which is updated in real-time. Tapping on an individual search trend will show you popular queries associated with it. A search trend like “pies & tarts,” for example, can reveal the exact types of pies people are searching for. Google may also show a recommendation, when applicable, to help you optimize your campaign for an emerging search trend.
  • Create Campaigns On Mobile – Using the Google Ads mobile app, you can now create a search campaign while untethered from your desktop computer.


3. Twitter Launches Live-Stream Shopping Broadcasts (05:27) – YouTube’s doing it, as is Instagram, as well as Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest too – and now Twitter becomes the latest social media app to dip its toes into live-stream shopping, in the hopes of maximizing eCommerce activity via the immediacy and engagement of retailer broadcasts. 

Twitter’s variation of live-stream shopping will enable users to tune into the live broadcast, with shopping options displayed below the video feed. The presentation, as it currently stands, will enable users to either tune into the live tweet discussion around the event or check out a ‘Shop’ tab featuring all the products highlighted in the broadcast.


4. YouTube Adds Option to Reuse Details from Previous Videos (09:16) – YouTube has added a new option in YouTube Studio which enables users to re-use details from previous uploads for new uploads within the posting process on desktop. The new option enables you to re-use: 

  • Video title 
  • Video description 
  • Language settings 
  • Shorts sampling permissions 
  • Category selections

This can save you a lot of time, particularly for those who regularly post on the same topics, or have to manually input language options with each new post. You can access the new option in the ‘Details’ section of the upload flow, with a new ‘Reuse Details’ option above the title field.

It’s actually fairly similar to YouTube’s existing upload defaults option, which you can use to apply the same settings to each of your clips, but this new variation enables more control, with the capacity to utilize different settings for each clip, while you can also customize your selections with each upload.


5. YouTube Introduces Search Insights (10:06) – Find Out What Your Audience (And The Rest of YouTube) Is Searching For in the last 20 days

  • Your Viewer’s searches (including content gap) 
  • Searches across YouTube