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[Introduction] – 00:00

 Hey everyone, welcome to episode 95 of the TWIMshow. This is your host Sajid Islam, and today I’ll be going over the notable news and updates from the week of February 7, 2022. So today First off, I’m going to let you know this is going to be a fairly short podcast just ’cause there wasn’t a whole lot of things that happened this week. Well, in a way it’s good. In a way, It’s kind of bad, but you know, there’s only so many updates that can happen.

[Update 1 – Microsoft Launches “Cruise Ads”] – 00:27

First of all, we are going to talk about Microsoft. So Microsoft has announced a new ad format called Cruise Ads. Now, what are these? These are basically going to be ads that are served to people who are in the Cruise, who are in the market searching for Cruise, and based on their activity on the websites across the web. Right. And what it’s going to do, it’s going to show on the vertical. Right pane on the right side of the desktop. There’s going to be list of items like cruise companies, Cruise deals, things like that are going to show up. Right. If you ask me, how does Microsoft know all these things, like what you’re in the market for? Microsoft as well as Google as well as Facebook as well as Twitter, LinkedIn, they figure it out. Right. Because all websites have all these Tags. And through those Tags, they get the signal back and they kind of tied back to your browser, through your cookie Pixel you and they know what you’re looking for. But in a way, it’s good. In a way, it’s bad. But as a reminder, remember Microsoft this year or so far has launched automobile ads, health insurance ads, credit card ads, tour and activity ads. Now they’re adding cruise ads. It’s just like they’re trying to get as many business vertical or vertical-focused business, vertical-focused ads as possible. How are these different from legislative? creating search ads? Search ads is going to be just a search results on the top with Cruise ads. What you’re going to be able to do is put some image, put some stuff around it so that it’s more attractive and more appealing to your future buyer. Okay with that.

[Update 2 – Second Annual ‘Pinterest Presents’ Conference] – 02:18

The next update for this week is that Pinterest has announced their second annual Pinterest Presents Ad Conference. I shouldn’t say Ad conference. It’s just a conference, but basically or ad summit, what the Pinterest is labeling it as on there in announcement pages that this is the ad summit that you will actually want to watch. Right. And it’s all going down on March 10. This is a virtual event. It will provide new insights into key usage trends, also enabling Pinterest to preview some of the upcoming platform features and updates for your planning. I like it. Pinterest I feel like Pinterest is a platform, has a lot of untapped potential, has a lot of potential that hasn’t been tapped into. I feel so strongly about Pinterest that I have gone to the extent of where I am also a Pinterest shareholder right through my purchase of the stocks. Okay, that’s it for the Pinterest.

[Update 3 – YouTube 2022 Roadmap: Community, Collaboration, and Commerce] – 03:20

And the third and the last update for this week is that YouTube has announced a shared their 2022 product roadmap. Now, obviously, they haven’t shared the internal stuff. They have shared what they want us to see. Nevertheless, I like what they’re doing because their chief product officer, Neil Mohan, Neal Mohan, has kind of focused on community, collaboration and commerce. That theme alone should give you some idea of what they’re going to focus on, some of the things that you need to know as a small business owner and the things that are not really related directly to our business. I’m not covering it, but the things that you really need to know are the shopping capabilities will expand via Shoppable videos, live shopping, and via the user interface of the YouTube ad. What this basically means is that we are going to see more and more live shopping. And in the podcast I’ve covered, like, you know, how live shopping is catching on. It caught up in China and it’s a big thing, so that’s going to happen. Youtube also plans to add features to Shop format, which is basically their answer to Instagram Reels and TikTok. In addition to the new effects and editing tools, YouTube plans to introduce the ability to reply to individual comments by creating another short. This is something what Tiktok already has. Okay. Youtube is also focusing on exploring monetization options for the shorts. It plans to test brand Connect for short creator, integration of super chat features and things like that. So again, what YouTube is working on is like, hey, if people figure out a way to make money out of shorts, that means they’re going to create more shorts and going to stay on our platform. And if they create more content, basically more people are going to come and we’re going to get more eyeballs. And basically overall, all in all, it’s going to grow our platform, which is kind of a very different and fresh take from, let’s just say Instagram or I don’t even know Instagram if we are even eligible for money. And even if we’re eligible for money, how much we’re going to get paid from Meta/Facebook/Instagram before they ban your account? It’s just like, I’m not a big fan of Instagram/ acebook/Meta I think you figured it out from our podcast by now. Anyway, the last update that you should know about YouTube is going to plan on is collaborative live streaming, which is basically having multiple people on a live stream, which something exists on Instagram today. And YouTube has begun testing gifted membership, which allows viewers to purchase channel memberships for other viewers in the live stream. Okay, that’s all there is that you need to know for this week.

[Closing] – 06:04

 Once again, this is Sajid Islam signing off until next week. Take care bye-bye.

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1. Microsoft Launches “Cruise Ads” (00:27) – Microsoft announced a new Microsoft Advertising format for Bing Search named Cruise Ads.  Cruise Ads appear on the right rail of Microsoft Bing search results and run alongside mainline text ad placements. These ads can be triggered by queries like cruise name, location, length, and more. Cruise Ads use search intent and dynamically-generated elements to deliver relevant ad experiences based on data feeds. Advertiser feed offers are automatically matched to queries without a need for keywords. Advertisers can also use negative keywords for optimization. 

As a reminder, Microsoft Advertising launched automobile ads, health insurance ads, credit card ads, and tour and activity ads.

2. Second Annual ‘Pinterest Presents’ Conference (02:18) – The countdown to second #PinterestPresents is on and Pinterest is calling it the “The ads summit you’ll actually want to watch.” And it’s all going down on March 10.

The virtual event will provide new insights into key usage trends, while also enabling Pinterest to preview upcoming platform features and updates for your planning.  You can register for it here.

3. YouTube 2022 Roadmap: Community, Collaboration, and Commerce (03:20) – Through a blog post, YouTube Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan has shared the platform’s roadmap for the year. Here are the updates you need to know of:

Shopping capabilities will expand via shoppable videos, Live Shopping, and via the user interface of the YouTube app.

YouTube plans to keep adding features to its Shorts format, the platform’s answer to TikTok and Instagram’s Reels. In addition to new effects and editing tools, YouTube plans to introduce the ability to reply to individual comments by creating another Short (similar to TikTok).

YouTube is also exploring monetization options for this format. In the coming months, it plans to test BrandConnect for Shorts creators, integration of the Super Chat feature (in which viewers can purchase visually distinct chat messages) as well as the ability to shop directly from a Short.

Collaborative live streaming will also be introduced, enabling creators to go live with other creators. And, YouTube has begun testing gifted memberships, which allow viewers to purchase channel memberships for other viewers in a Livestream.