Google Ads Introduces a New Summary View

by Mar 25, 2021Blog

Google Ads isn’t always easy to navigate, especially for people new to advertising. The summary view is a simplified version of your account, where you can see all your campaigns with their performance and status. On March 17, 2021, Google Ads introduced their new, simplified summary view, which helps you do the following:

  • View Performance with one click
  • Improve Performance with Custom Recommendations
  • Create and Edit Campaigns In Just a Few Clicks
  • Manage Keywords in One Place

However, this update is only available to people who use the easy mode of Google Ads, also referred to as “Express Mode”. If you’ve listened to the latest episode of the #TWIMshow, then you’ve already heard what the speaker, Sajid, thinks. According to him, this update is indeed useful, however, you should consider switching to “Expert Mode”. It is best if you run your campaigns manually instead of following Google’s recommendations and default settings – it will save you a lot of time in the long run!