How Do I Choose the Right Google Ads Agency?

by Jun 17, 2022Blog

Google Ads can change your demand generation and capture strategy on steroids by putting your business infront of people who are actively seeking the products and solutions that your business provides. A good experienced Google Ads agency can be the difference between stressful and lukewarm vs wildly successful results

However, there are tens of thousands of Google Ads marketing agencies around the country, and we here at marketANDgrow are not the perfect fit for every business. Here, our evaluation process includes making sure that our values are aligned (transparency/information sharing; coachable/decisive), that we believe in the product or service provided, and that it is good. So, how do you know which one is the right agency for your business? Well, we have compiled a list of questions and considerations that any business should take into account when choosing the best agency for your business.

How do I know if my business should work with a Google Ads Agency/Expert?

So, you have decided to use Google Ads because you know there are people out there that are searching for the product/service that you provide, but you are not getting enough attention or traffic from people who are actually looking to buy. 

There are three questions you should ask yourself before you begin your search for an Agency:

  • “What is my marketing budget and how much will I spend in Google Ads?” 
    • How much are you going to spend per day? 
    • How much are you going to spend per month?
  • “For how long am I planning to spend this money each month?”
  • “Do I just want traffic from Google Ads (media buying) or do I want Google Marketing (Ads + SEO)?”

These three questions will set the tone for your entire searching journey. There are lots of agencies that specialize in specific budget sizes, and specific time constraints. Finding one that aligns with your goals is crucial.

If this is your first time working with Google Ads, ask yourself this question – How much should I budget? Well, it depends on what industry you are in. Cost-per-click will be different depending on what product or service you are selling. It’s best practice to have a general range of what cost-per-click should look like in your industry so you can prepare a budget that is appropriate with a lot of firepower. You need to have the data going in:

“For example, I have seen in office space rental that the cost-per-click is about $30 a click. That is on the high end for CPC. You could get scared off by that high price, but if you look at the other end, an office space rental is about $1,000 or more a month. Even if it takes ten clicks to convert one person, that $300 you spent on CPC will turn out to be a $1,000 customer – or even better if it’s a 12-month lease – a $12,000 customer.” 

– Founder, Sajid Islam

Here at marketANDgrow, we are going to be transparent: if you have a low budget and a lot of time, you should consider Google Ads marketing on your own. We suggest having someone on your team take a Google Ads training course, like the one we offer, and do it yourself. The challenge with doing it yourself is that Google changes and updates things within the Google Ads Ecosystem frequently and it is hard to stay on top of these updates. So, any books, guides, and courses (including ours) out there are usually a bit stale because it takes time for us to update these courses and guides. If you are concerned about having stale knowledge and want to stay on top of the updates, then consider subscribing to our #twimshow newsletter – a weekly email that covers that must-know knowledge from the digital marketing space.

The bottom line is, that there is a simple thumb rule to knowing when you need a Google Ads Agency. If you have a minuscule amount to spend, do it yourself. If you’re making some money, then you should get an agency. It all depends on your industry and how much you are willing to spend.

How do I begin my search for a Google Ads Agency right?

1. Budget compatability

Something that you may not know about before you go in is that, once you know your budget, make sure to find an agency that is comfortable working in your budget range. It’s really important to know if they can handle your money efficiently. 

If your budget is not one that they typically work with, perhaps that’s a sign to find another Agency that is more comfortable with that range. If you have a small budget, you need to make sure everything is optimized and perfect so that you don’t end up wasting a large percentage of your budget. However, with a larger budget, there is a lot more wiggle room. 

Think of it this way: a small cup with a small hole will drain much faster than a big bucket with the same size hole. It’s just like how a small budget with a money drain will hurt financially a lot more than a large budget with a money drain will. It’s about perspective, and that’s why aligning your goals is so important.

2. A good agency will not be cheap

It’s a reality in almost every buyer’s market that a higher price will get you higher quality products/services. The same concept applies to Google Ads Agencies. If you do not have the budget to hire a mid-to-high priced agency, you should look into running Google Ads yourself. We have lots of blogs to help you in that journey if it’s the right fit for you. 

Some people will make the mistake of hiring freelancers from offshore countries. Sure, their prices are unbeatable – much lower than any local agency you may work with. However, there is the issue of quality, time zone differences, language & cultural differences. And, they’re not going to understand you the way someone in your own area intuitively will. Often, agencies and freelancers will serve 10-15 companies at once and then only apply a cookie-cutter solution without ever taking your business into consideration. 

Marketing isn’t one-size-fits-all. You are much better off hiring an agency (or a freelancer) who has a genuine interest in getting to know your company’s vision and then implementing holistic solutions that are tailored to your industry and company’s goals. Here at marketANDgrow, we have always done just that. Because of this, we have found a lot more satisfaction in the service our clients receive.

3. Avoid agencies that pay by percentages 

Some agencies will have both a flat fee, and ask for a percentage of every dollar you spend. Sure, there are a lot of business owners that love that. However, be aware that you are onboarding someone whose revenue is tied to how much of your money they spend. So, of course, one of their goals is going to be to push you to spend as much as possible. That is simply not in your best interest. 

You should go with an agency that only charges a flat fee so you always know what they’re charging you. Plus, it makes a lot more sense for budgeting purposes as well, since a fixed amount of money is much easier to set aside every month.

What are the big questions I should ask a Google Ads Agency?

When you are choosing an agency, you need to come in with the right questions to draw out the information that will help you know which agency is a good choice for your business. There are a few questions that we believe are vital to the success of onboarding the right agency. 

Here are some of the questions we believe you should show up at the interview table with that we found particularly important: 

  • How would you target our market? 
  • How will you know if a campaign is going well/poorly? 
  • If poorly, how would you improve it? 
  • If they have a flat fee: What services are covered?
  • Who is going to be working on my account? How much access will I have to them?
  • Who is going to do the ad copywriting? How will they research my industry?
  • Who is going to own my data?

That last one is especially important because if they own your data, that means if you ever decide to change agencies you will be losing all of your historical data. If they say that they will own your data, run the other way. Transparency is always a good sign in an agency.

What other questions should I ask a prospective Google Ads Agency?

There are also some soft questions you should ask. While these aren’t necessarily vital, they will help to tease out some of the other information that can inform your decision. Here are some:

  • What is your favorite time-saving function?
  • What are your most common reports and their uses?
  • How are you going to approach my company?

And, when they ask you questions in return, they should tell you how much time they will need to get to know you, and what kinds of data they may ask for. They should take the time to make sure that you are set up for success. 

If a Google Ads agency isn’t holding you accountable and just telling you what you want to hear, chances are they’re just going to take your money and run cookie-cutter ads that will not satisfy long-term goals.

Should I ask for a demo review when finding a Google Ads Agency?

Yes! This is one of our biggest tips. When you are looking for an Ad Agency, ask to see their portfolio. Then, when you see a few examples of campaigns that were great, ask them to walk you through what is repeatable about that campaign that could work for you. 

Pro Tip: Give the Google Ads agency old data or a hypothetical scenario. Then you can tell them exactly what you’re trying to do, then sit back and see how they work/analyze the data. See if it’s what you were looking for, and get to know a little better what your reports will look like before you spend the money.

What are some good qualities in a Google Ads Agency?

1. Google Ads partners aren’t as special as you think

Firstly, do not blindly trust a badge on their website that says they’re a Google Ads partner. Google may promise they have the expertise, but in reality, it’s not hard to become a Google Ads partner. Once you become a partner, there are not actually that many benefits to being a part of it, either. 

In reality, those companies are pretty much just an extension of Google’s sales team working for Google’s bottom line, not yours. It’s better to have an agency that is certified in Google Ads but has the ability to step back and assess critically the AI’s suggestions and whether they are actually good for you.  

2. Responsiveness

Secondly, you will want an agency that is open about their response times. You will want to know how often you can contact the person that is working on your campaign and when you should expect them to respond.

3. Expertise isn’t always a plus

There are both benefits and downsides to working with someone who has a lot of experience working in the industry your company is in. The benefit of an agency with industry experience is that they can take you in very quickly and tell you what works and what doesn’t work because they’ve been there before many times. 

The downside is that since they know what works, they are more likely to apply a cookie-cutter approach to your business. If you hire someone that is not in the industry, then they will come in with fresh eyes, and new methods based on their unique research. Also, they may be working with your direct competitors. This is especially true in local marketing agencies that work with local businesses. There might be a pretty high chance that they’re working with your competitors and that’s a potential conflict of interest.

4. Media buyer vs. marketing

Know the difference! Media buyers is a term that marketers use in reference to people who are simply there to bring in as much website traffic as possible. They will buy space anywhere, and yes, you will get traffic but it won’t be of any quality. This style of marketing doesn’t care about your bottom line, or what’s on the other end. This has its perks in big companies with a lot of money that can afford to have this alongside their normal marketing campaigns, but for a small business, this will not produce the conversions you are looking for. 

Marketing is much more thorough. All of those considerations that we discussed in the previous sections about the approach, running the ads, and even making a good landing page are what a marketer will do for you. Be cautious that you are using the right agency for your needs

Case Study

Let’s hear what worked for Brahma Mishra, founder and CEO, of the online video chatting platform MeetMonk. This quote is from an interview in our podcast where he talked with Sajid Islam:

“What I did is, I reached out to my friends and acquaintances that are running businesses in different domains and verticals. I asked for references, then reached out to those references and asked for their case studies and success stories. I talked to them and then finalized on one. Then, I signed a contract for three months to see their performance and how they deliver on what they’re promising to deliver. Then those guys did very well and so I decided to continue with them. So, I think the two key points are number one, taking references from other business owners that have gone through it. And number two, talking to the agencies and feeling that connection with their company. Because they might be successful for another business but they may not be successful for you. Having that interpersonal relationship where they understand you and your vision is important.”

– Brahma Mishra

So which Google Ads Agency should I pick?

You should talk to a minimum of three different vendors. Even if you like the first one, go talk to the other two other vendors in your price range and see which one is better for your business. 

There are many ways to find a Google Ads Agency. A good place to find agencies is on, or on your trusted Google Search. 

If you found this informative and you’re ready to find the right agency in the Fairfax, VA area, check out our blog about the Top 6 Google Ads Agencies in Fairfax. If not, we hope this article gave you the confidence you need to walk into the interview room with the right questions.

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