1. TikTok Releases New Business Tips. These tips include advice on how to get discovered, how to produce creative content, how to drive performance, and how to connect to the trending culture. These are some educational materials which are likely going to be covered during the “Ready, Set, Grow” summit on March 24th. If you’ve missed that, go back to episode #46 of the #TWIMshow and get the details you need to sign up!

2. Even If You Don’t Use Snapchat Ads, You Need to Know About Snapchat’s New Resource Hub! Apple’s IDFA changes are making all advertisers adapt to a new normal. Snapchat assembled a resource hub to help its advertisers adjust to the new rules. If you advertise on Snapchat, get the full details on this resource hub and see if you will need to make any changes or no, according to the guidance provided by Snapchat.

3. Twitter is Now Allowing Brands to Limit Who Can Reply to Promoted Tweets. There will always be trolls on the internet, and now Twitter has given brand owners the option to disable comments on their promoted tweets. Having the opportunity to disable any troll comment to your brand, sounds great, doesn’t it? But what about freedom of speech? Or what about people who always support you but they can no longer comment because you don’t follow them on Twitter? With this update, a lot of questions arise, so it is up to each brand to decide for themselves how they are going to benefit most and how their audience is going to react, if commenting is restricted.

4. Twitter Receives TAG Certification for Reliable Ad Placement. Brand safety and insurance is becoming more and more important with the increase in digital ads. Twitter is taking steps to make sure that ads are properly and accurately displayed on their platform. A previous episode of the #TWIMshow revealed Twitter’s goal to double their revenue, and these steps towards a safer environment for ads is one of the strategies for achieving this exact goal. Now sounds like a good time to get your business on Twitter, if you haven’t yet.

5. You’re Going to Want to Know About This New Monetization Option on Facebook. Creators can finally start monetizing 1-minute video content. While previously, only 3-minute or longer videos were able to monetize with in-stream ads. While this is a big opportunity for creators who utilise 1-minute long videos, Facebook will run an ad in the middle of your video for 30 seconds. Will your viewers lose interest in the video if an ad is so long compared to a shorted video? This is something to consider.

6. Google’s Key Moments Feature is Redefining Video Search. Key Moments scans through videos to identify the key moments of the video and gives you the time stamp of those key moments. As this feature progresses, manually watching entire videos will be in the past, as you can automatically skip to the part of the video that has the answer that you’re looking for.

7. Will YouTube Overtake Network Television. People are choosing YouTube CTV more and more. What does this mean for advertisers? Only in December, there were 120 million people in the US who watched YouTube videos on their TVs, so make sure to use this platform and statistics to your advantage.

8. Microsoft Advertising Introduces Static Headlines for DSAs. Gain more control for your ad copy with this new tool. Since advertisers already have control over the description used, the addition of a static headline means they can now specify every element of their DSA ad copy.

9. Did You Know About the New Bing WordPress Plugin? Automatically index all of your new website content with the new Bing URL submission plugin for WordPress. Some of you might think “But Microsoft gets only 10% attention, why would we use it?” Well, you will have to listen to the podcast to find out the secret.